3 Ideas for Outdoor Dining While On the Go

Kortnee Hass

June 22, 2021

The warmer weather has finally set in and so has the ability to dine outdoors! This summer, instead of dining in or eating in your car, plan a trip to the park or the lake and enjoy your meal with the beautiful nature filled views. As most people know, using a cell phone while driving is dangerous. But most don’t know the lesser known truth which is that there is a 39% increased likelihood of an accident while eating or drinking (any beverage!) and driving. Instead, stay safe this summer and try one of these three spots that you can head to enjoy your meal or a tasty treat in a peaceful way!

A Picnic at the Park

Photo Credit: Coal Dock Park in Port Washington // @photographybybml via Instagram

Is there truly anything better than a summer picnic in the park? Whether you’re grabbing takeout or packing your own lunch for the afternoon, stopping at a local park is a great way to get some fresh air all while taking away the dangers of distracted driving. 
Here in Wisconsin, we are lucky to have 66 state parks to enjoy! There you can not only enjoy your meal but you can also find other things to do while visiting. Whether you want to download a nature discovery kit or rent a canoe, our state park system is a great place to stop for a snack and provide outdoor recreation and education. 
If you’re not local to a state park, no worries! Head to a local playground and grab a spot at the picnic tables or under a tree and make your own day out of it. Some fun things to do with little kids while making the park your own are: playing a round of red light/green light, hopscotch, tag, or hot and cold! We definitely know a summer picnic and games at the park will make for a safe and fun day! 

Get Your Toes in The Water and Enjoy The Views

Photo Credit: Bradford Beach in Milwaukee // @elmariepage via Instagram

Another great way to not get distracted by drinks or food while driving is by grabbing your favorite snacks and heading to the beach! Soak up the sun, put your toes in the water, and take some time to enjoy the views. 
Some of our favorite beaches to make stops at are: Kohler Andrae State Park, Black River Beach, Big Foot Beach State Park, Nichols Beach, Village of Fontana Beach, and Iverson Park Beach. Why is that you may ask? These glimmering-sand beaches are safe, family friendly, and provide a great day’s worth of fun or a beautiful stop to fuel up for the day. 

Relax by Exploring The Gardens

Photo Credit: Jurustic Park // @brandonmillman via Instagram

We are lucky in Wisconsin to have so many wonderful Sculpture Gardens. There you can spend time in plentiful green spaces all while being surrounded by local artwork. And let me tell you, that view is much better than the inside of your car! 
Pack a lunch, or grab your favorite go-to restaurant and head over to a sculpture garden to explore the art that lays right in front of us. A fun garden for kiddo’s is the Jurustic Park. This site is located near Marshfield and features extinct creatures thanks to the efforts of amateur paleontologist Clyde Wynia.   
A fun way to get into exploring the art that is around us all-year long and being safe while doing it? Sounds like a plan to me! Other must see sculpture gardens are: Wisconsin Concrete Park, Tellen Woodland Sculpture Garden, Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron, and the Stevens Point Sculpture Park. 

Now that we have given you three fun ideas on places you can go to enjoy your food or drinks while on the road, we ask that you help to encourage personal responsibility with your family, friends, and community members to help enjoy a safer ride. 

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