3 Tips to Practice for Internet Safety

Kortnee Hass

August 2, 2021

We can all agree that our world has taken a turn towards living part of our lives, online. Many people are tasked with watching over their children as they explore the world online and promoting a safe and smart experience. Two-thirds of children that experience mental health problems report that they have recently experienced cyber bullying. Read more on 3 tips to prevent cyberbullying in your home!

Computer Placement

Our first tip to preventing cyberbullying is having your computer in a high traffic area throughout your home. This could be somewhere like a desk in your kitchen, or even right in the living area. Why can this help? Having children knowing that you are able to see what they are doing will keep them reminded to make smart decisions while exploring the internet.
While placing the computer in a high traffic area is important, there are many other things that you should watch for when your child is online. For example, keep a close eye on their reactions to what they are doing and how they act after they go offline. 

Establish a Communication Line

Along the same lines as keeping your computer in a high traffic area in your house, give your children timelines to when they can be using the internet whether it be for social media, entertainment, or for educational purposes. Establishing these guidelines opens up conversations as well as a better understanding of when and what your children are doing while online. 

Encourage Your Child to Talk About It

As we just mentioned, establishing communication and timelines is extremely important but so is asking your child to open up and talk to you about what they are doing online. Get to know your children’s friends online, just as we do with the friends they have at school! Monitoring these friendships and explaining the difference between a friend and a friendly stranger is extremely important. One way to go about this is by asking your children questions about their online friends, as you would with their friends in the physical world. And as always, be sure to make sure your children know that you’re the safe space to talk about all things in the cyber world!
2 things to make sure your children know are: 

  1. Never disclose any information that would reveal who you are, where you live or where you go to school. 
  2. Do not meet up in person with online-only friends!

Be sure to spread the word with family and friends you may know who have children. We all need encouragement to seek help for the things that trouble us. It all starts with recognizing cyberbullying when it happens and understanding how to help those in our care overcome it.

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