A Northwoods Retreat: Bent’s Camp

Kortnee Hass

July 14, 2021

From an iconic Friday (& Tuesday) night fish fry, to the jaw dropping views of the Cisco Chain, you can be sure to find a fun weekend getaway at Bent’s Camp Resort in Land O’ Lakes! With 125 years of deep history in the Northwoods, find out 3 ways to maximize your enjoyable stay while visiting Bent’s Camp.

What is Bent’s Camp?

Photo Credit: Bent’s Camp Resort

Bent’s Camp Resort is found right in the heart of the beautiful Northwoods Wisconsin. Between the glorious woods surrounding and the glistening waters of the Cisco Chain of Lakes, you sure have found your serenity. The best part about Bent’s Camp? You can get there by water and by land. What exactly do I mean by that? By water, you can ride up on a boat and use their docks. Or, if you’re out on a kayak, canoe, or even a jet-ski… you can get to Bent’s that way too! On land, visit the resort by ATV, UTV, car, bike, or foot! 
You can also plan a trip around one of their two big events in order to get more bang for your buck! If you’re a live music fan, be sure to stop in on Sunday afternoons and join the fun all summer long.The Northwoodstock Music Festival is happening this year on July 31st. There you can take some steps back into time with five different bands and rock on to the historic resort. Can’t make it? Then check out the 80’s party on Labor Day Weekend. Another day filled with music and fun on the outdoor stage at Bent’s Camp!

Best Things To Do While Visiting

Photo Credit: Bent’s Camp Resort

The lodge restaurant was built in 1906 and was originally used for various things, but mostly to serve food to the guests. To this day, it is still filled with birch bark lining the ceiling and walls. Don’t miss out on their famous Friday (and Tuesday!) fish fry and take a seat at their bar to get the true Bent’s Camp experience. If you’re not going to be at Bent’s on a Tuesday or Friday, don’t be worried, because you are going to want to try their pizza too. Whether you’re more into a classic veggie supreme pizza or if you’re looking to get a little crazy with the pulled pork pizza…. Bent’s truly has all the tasty things to try!
Your trip to Bent’s also can’t be complete without checking out the on-site gift shop where you can find merchandise of all kinds! Shop for swag to bring home as a souvenir, trust me…there are so many options! Crewnecks, tees, hats, hoodies, cups and more – all in their growing gift shop! 
Bent’s also has 12 housekeeping cabin rentals available, if you’re looking for a more private stay: Rest Haven, Caboose, Big Chief, and Leisure Lodge. These one, two, and three bedroom cabins are completely furnished and have screened porches, perfect for a morning coffee or night out playing cards! Better yet, each cabin comes with a 14 foot aluminum boat or if you have your own boat, you will be provided a pier for your personal usage.  

The History Behind It All

We can’t send you to Bent’s Camp without telling you the true history behind the iconic destination that it has become today. In 1896, Bent’s was established as a place for sport fishing and hunting and still to this day is discovered by new women and men everyday. Charles Bent was known for his deep love of the Northwoods and all he did to try to help protect and improve it for the others to come!
The lodge was then built in 1906 and as we mentioned before, started off being used for various things but was primarily used as a place to serve the guests food. Back in the day, they used homegrown vegetables right from their garden and still to this day pride themselves on this beautiful and delicious tradition. Not to mention, Bent’s Camp began the 125th year’s celebration on Memorial Day weekend and will continue to celebrate history all summer long!

Well… are you getting ready to plan your Northwoods Retreat to Bent’s Camp Resort? Don’t miss out on a true historic and iconic destination in Wisconsin this summer. And the best part is, you can dive deep into the history and be a part of it all at the same time!

Kortnee Hass: Digital Media Associate for Discover Mediaworks. A Wisconsin ‘now & forever’ transplant with a soft spot for squeaky cheese curds, craft breweries, and all things Wisconsin tourism.

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