An Artistic Journey Through Janesville

Hailey Rose

September 21, 2023

Photo Credit: Discover Mediaworks

Seeking an artistic adventure? Janesville is the destination for you. With a variety of art forms scattered throughout the city, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Experience Art Infusion, to explore a variety of art that is accessible for all, compose your own creations, and visit the exhibits found inside and out. Tag along as the epic, artistic journey through Janesville begins!

Experience Art Infusion Weekend

Photo Credit: Discover Mediaworks

Each year, artists from across the country gather together in the cultured city of Janesville to install new murals, compete in the annual chalk art competitions, and celebrate the beauty of all art forms. The best part? Artists have free reign to create their masterpieces and leave their vibrant mark in the heart of downtown.

Before making their first stroke, artists research and learn about the Janesville community. As a result, everyone in the surrounding community is reminded of their hometown, which instills a sense of community pride. Public art was not only the first introduction to art, but also it was and continues to be a gift of culture. 

Aside from the mural making, the stakes run high street side as street painters hit the sidewalks! Expressing their creativity through chalk, every artist’s creation pays a tribute to the town of Janesville. From marvelous mural makers on building sides to chalk creators streetside, you’ll undoubtedly encounter everything art in Janesville.

See Performing Arts

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If live entertainment is more your speed, don’t worry, Janesville has a wide variety! Sit back and relax at the Janesville Performing Arts Center. From music and comedy to dance performances, there’s a show just for you. 

But it’s about far more than just a show–it’s about the community behind the scenes. One performing program in particular is No Limits LDA, which was founded in 2017. This amazing initiative is for individuals with learning differences and physical disabilities and strives to make all art forms accessible to all.

Moving from the stage downtown to the waves of the Rock River, enjoy an outdoor performance put on by Janesville’s one and only Rock AquaJays! This sport is all about family. The AquaJays have skiers of all ages–kids to adults. Come and watch any remarkable show in this unique, fun-filled city!

Compose Creations

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When you visit Janesville, you will not only see an abundance of art, but also have the opportunity to create your very own. At The Glass Garden, take a class and work with many mediums such as glass. Using hands-on demonstrations and techniques, instructors will guide you every step of the way to produce an incredible final result.

Down the street, stop in Genisa Wine Bar and learn about the complexities of wine making as well as the food that centers around it. Set in Italian tradition, the wine bar houses a red brick oven to make foods from scratch and to order. Taste test with a classic charcuterie board paired with a fine wine.

Lastly, enter into Raven’s Wish where you can either participate in classes or purchase a unique piece of art from your journey through Janesville. There’s no doubt you’ll leave with an unforgettable artistic experience.

Visit Countless Galleries 

Photo Credit: Discover Mediaworks

It’s no surprise that Janesville is home to numerous art exhibits. Whether you’re inside or out, you’ll come across many masterpieces. For an amazing indoor art gallery, go to the Janesville Woman’s Club–a national historic building and hub of culture. 

For a change of scenery, explore the Rotary Botanical Gardens–home to a natural, grounded showcase. Housing an array of plants and flower-filled landscapes, its beauty will leave you in awe. On-site, check out the Garden Art Project of the year, which inspires visitors and benefits the garden for future years to come.

Ready to roam the streets? You’ll never know what you’ll find! Head out on a guided and informative tour with none other than “Roaming Rich” Fletcher. Learn the history behind Janesville’s art–including the impressive sculpture arching over the Blain Gilbertson Heritage Bridge. Another unique, artistic feature is Joan and John Evans Legacy Human Sundial that reminds us of our profound place on this planet.

This is your sign to embark on a creative journey in Janesville. Sprinkled throughout the city and during the seasons, there are many artistic gems waiting to be explored. Experience Art Infusion, see impressive performing arts, compose your own creations, and visit a variety of exhibits. An artsy adventure awaits!

Sneak a peek of Janesville’s artistic scene in Discover Wisconsin’s episode, ‘Art is Alive and For Everyone in Janesville’ here:

Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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