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May 26, 2020


Yoga has become increasingly popular over the years and for good reason. Many believe that you must be flexible to do yoga or that yoga is “just stretching”, but those are huge misconceptions. Yoga is so much more and the benefits are numerous. Some benefits include, increased strength, improved balance, lower blood pressure, stress relief, mental clarity and focus, improved sleep, anxiety reduction, and joint pain relief. Yoga encourages mindfulness on and off your mat. That mindfulness can carry over into your daily routines at work and at home, through mindful eating, mindful reactions and mindful planning of your day. Carving out time for yoga can make a huge impact on your daily life!

What Dragonfly Hot Yoga is all about 

Dragonfly turns nine years old this year. Nine years and four Madison area studios is a testament to our community. I’m inspired by everyone who walks through our doors—sometimes I sit back, overwhelmed with gratitude as I watch our clients walk through the parking lot on their way to class. Now, at our Downtown studio, I see people crossing State Street carrying their yoga mats headed to better their lives and feed their souls–the same State Street I walked every day for four years in college. I could have never imagined my journey would bring me back here.
Dragonfly is designed with everyone in mind.  We are breaking down the barriers, stripping away any preconceived notions about yoga, and creating yoga for the people. Dragonfly truly is for every shape, every size and every person. I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated or judged in our studios. I designed our studios to be warm and welcoming and we have specifically chosen instructors that are inviting, outgoing, positive, attentive, available, and kind (but they will push you to achieve your personal goals).  Each one of them brings something unique and powerful to the studio and I encourage you to try them all!
Yoga is a practice, a journey. It is not meant to be perfected and it is not a competition. The reasons we come to our mat differ for us all. This is your space and your time and we are here to guide and support you. Intimidation has no place in a yoga studio and we hope you will come and see for yourself. Our clients are truly the best and they make Dragonfly such a special place to be. I hope you will join our community!

About the Author

Megan Tucker is the owner and CEO of Dragonfly Hot Yoga studios in Madison. After receiving her MFA in acting, Megan moved to Los Angeles and began casting/producing reality TV shows. She met a reality show contestant who shared with her how Bikram Yoga helped him deal with a tragic and stressful situation. Megan tried it to help alleviate the stress from years of cutthroat competition in athletics, academics, and auditions. It worked. Megan moved back to Madison, WI determined to build a friendly studio accessible to all shapes, sizes, and abilities. She encourage students to show up with vulnerability, a willingness to laugh, and an open mind and heart.

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