/ 25 Super Strange Wisconsin Town Names

25 Super Strange Wisconsin Town Names

Aahh, weird Wisconsin, how I love you. Truth is, I appreciate a well-named town. And by well-named, I just mean strange. Here are 25–and believe me, that's just a sampling–of Wisconsin's oddly named communities:

  1. Arkansaw (Pepin County)
    Arkansaw, Wis. was named after the Arkansas River. I'm not sure when someone decided to replace the 'S' with a 'W,' but who am I to question their logic?
  2. Avalanche (Vernon County)
    I have to wonder if an introvert named this town as a strategic way of deterring others from moving in. We're on to you, citizens of Avalanche...
  3. Bluff Siding (Buffalo County)
    Evidently, Bluff Siding got its name from the rocky bluffs near the town site. Props to the very practical town-namer of Bluff Siding.
  4. Bosstown (Richland County)
    I find myself sitting up extra straight while driving through the tiny town of Bosstown.
  5. Cleghorn (Eau Claire County)
    I like this one because it sounds like the name of a character from Harry Potter.
  6. Dairyland (Douglas County)
    Shouldn't this be our capital?
  7. Disco (Jackson County)
    I dream of a town where everyone has moves like Travolta. Said town shall be named...Disco.
  8. Embarrass (Waupaca County)
  9. Fence (Florence County)
    Apparently the town of Fence was named after an American Indian hunting method. As in, they’d build a fence, deer would jump over it and then get impaled. Hmph. That is a surprisingly graphic backstory for a pretty basic town name.
  10. Gotham (Richland County)
    Batman would live here if this town was pronounced the way a lot of people think it's pronounced. But au contraire! The name actually rhymes with "Loath them."
  11. Footville (Rock County)
    I always tell folks I'm from Evansville, but technically, I grew up outside the teeny tiny town of Footville in Rock County. Once, I ran out of gas on the west end of town. I was able to roll my car all the way down to the southeastern end of town, where the community's only gas station was located. Thank you, Footville, for having a rockstar name and also for being topographically advantageous for those of us who are prone to running on E. 😀
  12. Institute (Door County)
    I went to a bar here once. It was called Institute Saloon, I believe. My friends and I had a lovely time. That is all.
  13. Ixonia (Jefferson County)
    Didyaknow? Ixonia was named when some townsfolk decided to draw letters from a hat. I bet these peeps had mad Scrabble skills.
  14. King (Waupaca County)
  15. Luck (Polk County)
    Fun fact: Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor worked at a butterfly farm in Luck. #MindBlown
  16. Mishicot (Manitowoc County)
    Mishicot means "hairy leg." And this, my friends, is the most useful nugget of knowledge you will consume all month.
  17. Oconomowoc (Waukesha County)
    So there are probably hundreds of hard-to-pronounce Native American town names in Wisconsin, but Oconomowoc is one of my favorites because it stumps every single out-of-towner. Hehe. Aside from my evil regard for baffling nonnatives, I also like that the name Oconomowoc derives from Coo-no-mo-wauk, which is the Potawatomi term for "waterfall."
  18. Pardeeville (Columbia County)
    Partyyyy peeeeeople. Who wouldn't wanna call this place home? I know I would.
  19. Random Lake (Sheboygan County)
    I'm unsure of the origins of this one. Maybe it was just a random name? If anyone knows, comment below!
  20. Rural (Waupaca County)
    Somewhat of a lazy naming job I suspect, but I kinda like it.
  21. Sheboygan (Sheboygan County)
    I don't know why, but every time I say Sheboygan out loud, I find myself really laying on the Wisconsin accent: Shah-BOYYYY-geaann. Such dramatized pronunciation makes this Was-CANNNN-sin girl very happy. 🙂
  22. Taycheedah (Fond du Lac County)
    I am seriously considering naming my first pet cat this. Tay for short (obvi).
  23. Tichigan (Racine County)
    It's like someone had a few too many brandy old-fashioned sweets and thought it a good idea to give their town a name that sarcastically alludes to our next door neighbor.
  24. Weyauwega (Waupaca County)
    It’s native american for “old woman.” Use this information very cautiously please. Allow me to be more frank: Maybe don't use this word in Mom's next birthday card? :/
  25. Winnebago (Winnebago County)
    I didn't find this name too amusing...until I learned Winnebago literally translates to “dirty water people.” Now that's giggle-worthy.

There are tons more worth noting! Which would you like to see on this list? Add your favorites below!
Mariah Haberman hosts the nation’s longest-running tourism TV show, Discover Wisconsin. She hails from Evansville, where she was brought up in a family of seven in a small farmhouse outside of town. Some of her favorite memories include Lake Michigan fishing trips with her Dad, showing sheep at the Rock County Fair and buzzing around the farm on an ATV with her little brother. Watch Discover Wisconsin Saturdays at 10 a.m. on FSN Wisconsin’s outdoor block. (Twitter: @DiscoverWI)

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  1. Where the Arkansas river runs through Kansas, it is known as the r-CAN-sass river; after it leaves Kansas it eventually gets to Arkansas, where it's called the r-can-SAW river. My guess is that they spelled it "Arkansaw" so that there would be no confusion in the pronounciation.

    1. I always thought Valders sounded like a disease cows get. My personal favorites? Manitowish Waters and Mukwonago!!

  2. Pound.
    Soldiers Grove.
    Big Foot.
    And those are just a few of a long list.....

    1. Rio got it's name from a misinterpretation of a survey map. The range line R10 East passes through Rio, which is called R-Ten by some.

  3. It's not a Wisconsin town but in Florida where I now live we frequently make jest of Opp, Alabama as the "city that couldn't spell opportunity."
    PS: I can remember a commercial in which a boss was talking via phone to an employee and asked "how are things going in..." "Oconomowoc" says the employee, to which the boss replies " on account of what?" Lol

    1. Kirchhayn is in Washington County on CTH T or Western Avenue to locals. The word is derived from "Church" or "Kirche and the word "Hayn" is derived from: Hayn is a village and a former municipality in the Mansfeld-Südharz district, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. When the German's settled in Kirchhayn, Wisconsin in the 1800's, they built a church (David's Star) Lutheran church and named the area Kirchhayn.

  4. Kirchhayn...Ozaukee county, Wi. Pronounced Keer-kein. Only has like 70 people living there at most and only has one bar and a auto dump. That is the town. Home of the great country singer Josh Thompson!

  5. What about Sextonville?
    My sister and I would always crack up about that. I believe it wasn't too far from Partyville?
    Also, Boaz (its "Bows", not "BO-azz", right?) & Muscoda - a good test to see if someone is from WI. Will they say "MUS-co-dah" or "MUSS- kah-day"??

  6. I grew up near Weyauwega and was taught it was Indian for "Hear We Rest". It's between two rivers and they had to pull their canoes out there.

  7. Urne ( pronounced ER- KNEE, like the name Ernie).. Looks much like Urine.. ha ha. Buffalo County. Not far from Praag, WI. - home of Buck Knuckles.. the " you just gotta see it" bar. ( rhymes with Frog).

  8. Leipsig, WI... Don't blink or you'll miss it. Waldo, WI... But I can proudly say I was born in Sheboygan and call Ixonia home.

    1. I grew up in Antigo, mother's family was from Wausau. Went to quite a few weddings at the bar/party hall in Nutterville.

  9. I personally like Waldo, WI. Whenever I drive through it, I post a picture on Facebook saying that "I found Waldo"

  10. I know it takes all the fun out of it, but Pardeeville was named after James Pardee. The James Pardee that dammed up the Fox River, created a mill here, brought in the railroad, and basically made the village into something fairly big at the turn on the century. Unfortunately, it's not the bustling center of economy it once was, but we like our quiet little town.

  11. Growing up, my mom told me the (likely untrue) story SHE was told of how Eleva got its name:
    A man was in the process of painting "Elevator" on the area's water tower, fell partway through, and died, having only completed the first five letters. And thus Eleva was named.
    (Why they would paint "elevator" on the water tower is beyond me, making the story a load of hooey in my book, once I was old enough to think it through logically. Lol.)

  12. Richland Center , Sisterbay , Fish Harbor ,Washington Island , Bayfield , Mellen, Hayward, just so many wonderful manes.

  13. Random Lake - When the town was established random points were selected around the lake to establish the territory.

  14. Does anybody else remember the Wausau Insurance commercials where other people keep saying Warsaw? they were pretty funny

    1. When I was in high school one of the clubs I belonged to flew to Europe. Some students were on the plan with us from New York. They thought Wisconsin was located near California but they knew how to spell Wausau from the commercials.

  15. I like that Victory and Retreat in SW Wisconsin are less than 10 miles apart. I knew a guy who was from Luck, Wisconsin -- he called himself "s**t out of Luck!" By the way, is it GREEN Bay or Green BAY ?

  16. newry in vernon county...cream in buffalo county waumandee in buffalo or trempeleau county
    bloomindale in vernon county, ferryville in crawford county, beetown in grant county, lynxville in crawford county, clyde in iowa county

  17. Weyauwega, I was always told that this was the Idian word for "Here we rest" because of the river and lake they would stop here in Weyauwega and rest.

    1. Legend says that the name was given when the village applied to the state for a name and included the request, "Please hustle."

  18. Often mistaken for the publisher of the Playboy Magazine, and it is not

  19. Bloomer Wi. jump rope capital of the world. (Still to beat rate of 72 jumps in 10 seconds) and famous Main street cafe pies.

  20. Random Lake was called Random Lake after when it was founded, the surveyors found a "random lake " and the name has stuck since. It's something we Random Lakers learn in the third grade.

  21. Cleghorn was named after the man named James Cleghorn, which owned the farm I grew up on before my dad bought it. We did have their white house cookbook, but don't know who has that now.

  22. Postville-Green county and Shantytown in Marathon County. Klevenville in Dane County. Avon in Rock County Shopiere in Rock County. Orfordville-Rock County Leydon (outside of Janesville.

  23. Before they renamed the area as Alpine Valley, the area was known to locals as Skunk's Misery ( Walworth County near East Troy.)

  24. Whitewater. My father was listening to the broadcast on the radio of a basketball game between Whitewater and another school. The announcer, obviously from out of state, kept calling it Whih-TOO-whih-ter, thinking it was an Indian name.

  25. Rolling Ground, WI
    Pine Knob, WI
    Gay Mills, WI
    Plug Town, WI
    And Adams, right next to Friendship, WI (AdamsFriendship)

    1. Apparently named due to the rock quarry there. I remember many years ago traveling thru, only one business a bar... The Morgue.

  26. I live in pardeeville,trust me no one exactly WANTS to live here. There's not much of a party. Columbia County sheriff's are right down town they don't take kindly to people having a good time.

  27. You can drive up Highway 27 out of Prairie du Chien and go (Eastman) to see the (Seneca) indians near (Mt Sterling) where there is a ( Fair View) of the (Rising Sun) and the (Liberty Pole) on your way to Viroqua.

  28. I was listening to an audio book a couple of years ago, when the narrator ran into Oconomowoc and utterly massacred it. To his credit, he got it right in subsequent iterations.

  29. Luck is also the Yo-Yo capital of the world! The Duncan yo-yo factory was in Luck for years, (however, hasn't been for years now). My dad worked there!

  30. How about another town that has been mispronounced many times, BOSCOBEL, Grant County. As a child, I was told it got it's name from the old farmers wife calling her cows each night, Come BOSS come BELL!

  31. I saw a group of speakers several years ago in Waukesha. Collin Powell was among the troupe of knowledge givers. He started by saying how glad he was to be in "Wa-kee sha." lol

  32. Gratiot-Lafayette County. Pronounced gra (short a as in apple) sh*t. Heard an announcer on the radio pronounce it as gra tea ot. It was always a funny name to say as a kid. Felt like we could swear without getting into trouble.

  33. Loved seeing my hometown of Pardeeville on the list!!! I'm used to the "Really??" question when giving my address. Love it here. Small town, gorgeous park, lovely lakes. 🙂

  34. i've been in every county, and FEEL like i've been in every town, but there are a few here i hadn't known! a friend of mine once got lost and stopped in a cafe' and said, "excuse me, i'm looking for romance." the waitress said, "aren't we all, buddy?!"

      1. Hi Mariah. That was me in your story about Romance Wisconsin, Did you get the story from Jeannie Perry? Here's the real story; Many years ago I was out booking for my band and was trying to book into a bar in Romance. I couldn't find the town so I stopped in a restaurant in Genoa, Wisconsin, walked up to the counter and said, "Excuse be, but I'm looking for Romance". A fellow I knew from Richland Center (My home town) was seated at a table but I hadn't seen him when I came in, piped up and said, "Aren't we all, Gordie. Aren't we all"

        1. yes, that was gordie's name i left off the story (to protect the guilty). and the band in question was BOAZ!

          1. Funny - I never even heard of Romance, WI, until I saw an old rerun of HeeHaw. One of the cast said, "HeeHaw would like to salute Romance, Wisconsin. Population - 20". I had to look it up and was surprised to see that Romance, WI did exist.

    1. i pass thru INO frequently (there is nothing there but a tavern along the road) always makes me think of an eager child in a classroom, knowing the answer, waving his hand, callingm "I KNOW! I KNOW" : )

  35. Hustler (Juneau County)
    Ino (Bayfield County)
    Imalone (Rusk County)
    Moquah (Bayfield County) - pronounced MUCK-wah
    Cornucopia (Bayfield County)
    Esofea (Vernon County)

  36. Always loved the name LacDubutamore. ( SP?) in Fox Valley near Oshkosh until one day when we pulled over and read the historical marker to find out it was French for "Lake of the mound of the dead". Referring to an Indian massacre where the tribe was backed up against the lake and massacred and buried there. Sure ruined that idea lick sounding name for me!

      1. Butte Des Morte, the town, always cracks up (pun intended) some friends of mine from California.
        Also like Maiden Head, Borth, Saxville, and Shanty Town.

    1. this is where i think we ate pizza at a small place off the road was awesome pizza

  37. There once was a man from Manitowoc
    Who walked all the way to Oconomowoc.
    When he got there,
    He was heard to declare,
    "I'm so tired I ca' no mo' walk!"

  38. My all time favorite is Loretta WI (for obvious reasons), and Pittsville south of
    Marshfield is the funniest!

    1. pittsville calls itself the exact center of wisconsin (turns out that is if you draw an X, not a plus sign, across the map). i'm sure they've heard many jokes about the center of wis. being the pits!

    1. i've been thru beautiful downtown wonewoc many always makes me think of that pop tune, "the lion sleeps tonight" -- the background singers are chanting, "a-wim a wac, a-wim a wac."

  39. Chenequa-Waukesha County
    Muskego-Waukesha County
    Markesan-Green Lake County
    Shiocton-Outagamie County
    Suamico-Brown County

  40. I have a few towns you've never heard of:
    Lena,wi Burkhardt,wi Eau Claire,wi Siren,wi Whitehall wi just to name a few

  41. We live is St Nazianz in Manitowoc county. It's great to hear people slaughter that one. Near here there is a town named Memee, it makes me giggle every time.

  42. New Holstein
    Brown Deer
    Menomonee Falls in Waukesha Cnty
    Menomonie in Dunn Cnty
    Menominee in Menominee Cnty
    4 Cleveland's in Wi & 6 Clifton's

  43. Ino, Bayfield county. You say it like it looks... I KNOW. Between Ashland and Iron RIver Wisconsin on STH 2.

    1. i know! i go thru ino often. there is nothing there but one bar (with good food)! it always makes me picture an eager kid in class, eager to answer the question, waving his arm and going, I KNOW! I KNOW!

  44. Oil City, White City, Avalanche, Dilly. And of course in Clark County is Globe, which could just as easily be known by an acronym of the three county Highways that intersect in the middle of village. Count t Highway H, County Highway o, and County highway G. (HOG)

  45. Moquah (Bayfield County), Cornacopia (Bayfield County), and of course...Chequamegon Bay (which is not a city, but an area, but no one can pronounce it. In the movie Starman, they called it Chemomegan.

  46. Widen Wi in Kewaunee Cty. Home of the Tippy Canoe. Don’t tip your canoe in Euren. Best taco Tuesday on the a destination!!

  47. My first 7 years of life I lived in Footville. At 18 months old I crawled out our front door and up to the corner by the gas station to see the Christmas tree( it was December).

  48. There was a town in rural Clark County over 100 years ago named, Snow, WI. My Grandma told me about it and when I was a kid my neighbor saved a post card from the Snow, WI post office.. It was on the corner of US Hwy 10 and Fair Haven Avenue (west of Marshfield, SE of Chili, WI). There is no sign of any town there anymore.

  49. Spooner WI., Spread Eagle , after we got done fewer hunting with my dad we stopped at a bar in Spread Eagle and my brother was hit on

  50. I am from Random Lake. The name comes from a surveying term - Drawing a Random Line
    When they were surveying for the Railroad they were drawing a random line when they discovered the lake.
    They did not know the lake existed until then.
    Thus the name of the lake became Random Lake and the village and train depot took the name from the lake.

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