/ 4 Memorable Wisconsin Campgrounds You Need To Experience

4 Memorable Wisconsin Campgrounds You Need To Experience

Camping is just one of the many ways families create memories and take leisure during the summer months in Wisconsin. With Camping For The Fun of It, you can head out on tailored camping experiences, whether it’s by RV, tent, or cabin. Camping For The Fun of It has more than a dozen locations across Wisconsin, so no matter where you are, you can rest assured that there is a campground well within reach of you and experiences that your family can soak up for years to come. Each campsite is unique with the amenities available to its guests and the campground’s location. That being said, we picked out a few campgrounds on this list that will satisfy your family’s camping needs, so you can not only have fun, but can enjoy making memories as well.

Jellystone Park of Fort Atkinson

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The first campground on our list is located in Fort Atkinson; Jellystone Park. This campground is fondly described by a pioneer of Camping For The Fun of It as, “having fun stuff for the whole family to come and enjoy.” This campground is overflowing with activities for not only children, but parents as well. One of the main attractions of this location is for the kids who want to take full advantage of a well-maintained swim pond, because this one has a generously sized, floating inflatable playground! While the kids splash and play, parents can relax on the silky smooth beach that borders the pond while enjoying some of the many refreshments and foods available at the camp. And the bonus activities? Kids can join in on more fun with water balloon battles, mini-golf, ride around on pedal-driven bikes, and much more! 
For families who decide to make this camp their weekend getaway, Jellystone Park has cabins that are fully outfitted with a TV, kitchen, bathroom, comfortable beds, and separate rooms for the children and parents. Every year, the Jellystone campground has a new addition that continues to bring people back the next season!

Hickory Hills Campground

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Our next campground you don’t want to miss out on visiting is located in Edgerton, just a short drive from Madison and Milwaukee, making it a convenient getaway for families during the warmer months. Hickory Hills Campground is comprised of sixty acres of pristine Wisconsin forest which just so happens to border the refreshing waters of Rice Lake. Making Hickory Hills a prime destination for water lovers and forest-dwellers alike. 
Furthermore, this campground also offers guests 79 overnight sites and 186 seasonal sites. At these seasonal sites, patrons can park their campers here from May through October while still taking full advantage of the amenities here. The luxuries of this campground include a donut bar, an ice cream social, craft projects, canoeing, and much more! You will find everything you need to make your camping experience unforgettable at Hickory Hills in Edgerton! 

Boulder Creek Campground

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Another campground you need to add to your camping bucket list is located in Bagley, Wisconsin and that is Boulder Creek Campground. Boulder Creek Campground is perfect for Wisconsinites living in the western part of the state looking for a short weekend trip, or those who are out exploring our great state on the river side. The campground sits in the thick of the Driftless Area, nestled between forested bluffs and the Mississippi River. Guests here will not be disappointed by the amenities that the campground offers, which include a heated pool, water basketball, pedal biking, and mini-golfing, just to name a few. 
However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention how the people who bring their campers here make it feel like a genuinely welcoming community. The campground is decked out during October with haunted houses, pumpkin carving, and they even do an on-site decorating contest. There is a reason that the patrons who come here keep coming back year-after-year, and that is because of the close relationships people build at Boulder Creek!

Chaparral Campground & Resort

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One last campground you won’t want to miss out on is Chaparral Campground in Wonewoc, located just 30 minutes outside of Wisconsin Dells! At Chaparral Campground, not only are there RV sites, but there are tent sites and cabins as well, so families can pick and choose the type of camping experience they are looking for. The main attraction to the campground is the half-mile of sandy beach that surrounds a naturally occurring spring! Kids will find joy here by fishing, kayaking, and paddle boating on the lake, while parents can sit back to soak up the sun under the many sunshades available on the beach. 
One of the best parts about Chaparral is the close proximity to the plethora of other things to do in the Wisconsin Dells area if you’re looking to grab a local bite to eat, go mini-golfing, or just want to wander around the Waterpark Capital of the World! The Chaparral Campground is the campground for families looking for a beach vacation without leaving the state!

From The Producer

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Andy Meddaugh, the producer of ‘Wisconsin Campgrounds: Fun For The Whole Family!’ shares his insider’s take on the Cabin Podcast of what Camping For the Fun of It is all about: 
“What is interesting about it is that usually we go to a destination or a city or an area of Wisconsin, but in this episode we do not! We go to multiple campgrounds. The thing with Camping For the Fun of It, is it’s a family of campgrounds. I think there are 14 but they’re constantly growing, and campgrounds all over the state. What they do is all work together to make sure they offer great things for families to do. It’s a one-stop shop for campgrounds.
 You could go to a national park or something and camp in the parks or woods and make a campfire or you could go to a a Camping For the Fun of It campground and you’re bound to find waterslides, ice-cream socials, swimming pools, jumping pillows, and things for your kids to do all day long. And you know what? You can go back to the campsite at night, have your campfire, and do your camping together as a family!”
Get more details from producer Andy Meddaugh in the podcast here: 

All four of these campgrounds offer something unique and special to their guests making it hard to choose which location to spend your vacation at! Luckily, no matter where you choose, we are sure that you will have an amazing time as there is no shortage of fun at any of these locations and making lifelong memories is just a short drive away. 
Check out this Discover Wisconsin episode, ‘Wisconsin Campgrounds: Fun For The Whole Family!’ to get an idea of what camping at these destinations would look like and hear why the guests often come back year after year.

John Mitchel: Social Media Intern for Discover Mediaworks. A boy raised in Illinois but growing in Wisconsin, with a love of the outdoors and anything with two wheels!

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  1. One of my most memorable campsite experiences was when a group of friends and I ventured into a remote forest area. As evening descended, we built a campfire that crackled and danced against the backdrop of a clear, star-studded sky. Sharing stories and laughter around the fire, with the soothing sounds of nature in the background, created an unforgettable sense of camaraderie and connection.

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