/ 5 Reasons to Set Sail in Sheboygan This Summer

5 Reasons to Set Sail in Sheboygan This Summer

For 50 years, surfers have dubbed Sheboygan the ‘Malibu of the Midwest’. But surfing isn’t the only water activity to get excited about this season...
Sheboygan just so happens to be a magnet for sailors, too! Whether you want to learn a new skill, or have a professional guide you through the waters on a guided chartered tour, this is a must-do on your summer agenda. Here are five reasons why setting sail on Lake Michigan should be at the top of your Wisconsin bucket list.
To book a guided sailing tour in Sheboygan this summer, click here to find out how!

It’s Perfect for the Whole Family

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Sailing is great for people of all ages and skill levels! It can be a great summer night with your family, no matter how many people are hopping on board with you. But if you want to make sure it’s as relaxing as possible, why not let the professionals take you out for the night? If you sign up for a guided boat tour around Lake Michigan through Visit Sheboygan, then you can get the exclusive experience for the family where you can focus on the scenery and relaxing nature of the rushing waters.
Fill this summer with treasured memories that your kids will hang on to for life. After all, who doesn’t love a summer day with the family on a boat?

Sailing Makes for a Memorable Date Night

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What’s great for the family is also great for couples. It’s difficult to make a sailing date *not* the epitome of romance. Between the time spent together, the breathtaking views, and the unique experience you can engage in together, it’s makes for a memorable date night! If you really want to step up your evening on the water, pack some champagne and a charcuterie board for an unforgettable night. (No glass bottles, please.)

The Views are Absolutely Breathtaking  

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Sailboats and sunsets? Say no more. A Lake Michigan view is gorgeous to take in from shore, but once you’re out in the action and sailing towards the horizon, you’re in store for some absolutely breathtaking views. When you rent a boat for the night as a guided chartered tour, then you can simply enjoy the unique and luxurious experience of being on the Great Lakes.

It’s a Surprisingly Good Workout

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While a day on the water can be relaxing, sailing is also a surprisingly good workout. Sailing is considered a sport and can be done competitively, which won’t surprise you once you complete your first lesson. This will engage your core and muscle strength between pulling on lines, hiking your boat, and maneuvering the rudder, and more.

You Can Pick Up an Impressive New Skill

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Bonus opportunity: while the charter boats allow you to kick back and relax while the professionals take the captain's wheel, you can also learn how to sail yourself! Sailing is always an impressive skill to have in your back pocket, and a great one to have when living near the Great Lakes! Sheboygan has programs for beginners of all ages to kick start their new sailing hobbies.
When you sign up for a beginner’s class with their SEAS Program, all two-hour ‘first sails’ can be scheduled at your convenience. This first lesson gives beginners an introduction to sailing in a casual setting and motivates newcomers to continue sailing. This hands-on learning experience will cover topics such as how a sail works, parts of a sailboat, points of sail, and important safety guidelines.
Plus, the SEAS Program offers adaptive programs for families with people with disabilities, so it really is a win-win.

Pro tip: Before You Voyage Lake Michigan, Make Sure You Pack Accordingly

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Sailing is an incredible (and fun!) experience, but one that you also have to be prepared for. A long day on the water and in the sun can lead to a poor night, if you aren’t prepared. Make sure to have a waterproof bag for all of your necessities, camera, and phone, if you choose to bring it. The water can cause extra reflections for the sun, so make sure to pack extra sunscreen with you! If you’re prone to motion sickness, you’ll want to bring some aids and relief for yourself. Last but not least, while you’re on the water, make sure to be drinking lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the day!

About Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS)
Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS) provides educational programming and access to boats while removing barriers to participation created by financial, physical, or cognitive needs. SEAS is working with Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center (SYSC) to offer more courses to serve the adult student, adding classes in keelboat sailing, cruising, navigation, and bare boat certification, which can be done for anyone ages 5 – 85. Their classes teach safe handling of power and sail boats utilizing US Sailing’s national standards, to learn more click here.

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