/ 10 Ways to Experience the Richland Center Area

10 Ways to Experience the Richland Center Area

Nestled in the heart of the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin lies Richland Center. Historic architecture is scattered throughout the town with “National Register of Historic Places” plaques proudly displayed on exteriors left and right. Downtown is home to inviting shop fronts and numerous family-friendly events are held throughout the year. The Ocoooch mountain range and the winding Pine River add to the incredible beauty and charm of this community. From its wild and wooded area to its archive of architecture, Richland Center is in the center of it all.

  1. Unique Architecture – Richland Center is bursting with architecture and is home to a plethora of buildings on the National Register of Historical Places. Look right and you’ll see a Queen Anne from the 1800s. Look left and you’ll spot an early 1900s bungalow, all leading to the A.D. German Warehouse built by Frank Lloyd Wright in the center of town. Spend a day meandering the town on the Historical and Architectural Heritage Tour of Richland Center.
  2. Finally Friday Events – With an ongoing effort to restore Frank Lloyd Wright’s A.D. German Warehouse, Richland Center is working to make the building a center of the community a series of gatherings called Finally Friday Events. These gatherings feature a variety of experiences from lectures to live music and are free to the public on Friday nights.
  3. Wheels of Time Festival – The annual Wheels of Time Festival showcases all things antique…motors that is! Wander through a maze of vintage trucks and tractors at this unique event and take in the stories from the collectors who own them.
  4. Galaxie Skate –This retro rink is equipped with funky wallpaper, a glazed, hardwood maple floor and 4-wheel skates of all sizes. Galaxie Skate is the perfect family fun zone.
  5. Oakwood Fruit Farm – Apple picking at Oakwood Fruit Farm is the ultimate fall tradition in Richland Center. The inviting smell of fresh apple cider doughnuts lures you in and you’re set free to roam the 180 acres of apple trees. With peak season between August and October, visitors can pluck over 20 varieties of apples straight from the tree and shop an assortment of Wisconsin-made products in the retail barn.
  6. Ocooch Books & Libations – Ocooch Books & Libations is in the heart of downtown Richland Center. This independent bookstore sells books of all genres along with craft beverages and local and imported wine.
  7. The Woods Bar & Grill – Richland County has numerous eateries that offer mouthwatering meals. The Woods Bar and Grill offers a casual, family-friendly atmosphere and serves American-style food and a house BBQ sauce made with tequila and lime. (DW Crew Tip: Dive in to The Woods Surf and Turf. You won’t be disappointed!)
  8. Frank’s Hill Effigy Mounds -Home to miles of beautiful landscapes that fall within the Driftless Area, Richland Center is a hub for outdoor exploration. The effigy mounds atop Frank’s Hill are over 1,000 years old and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The shapes at this location are in the form of a coyote, bison, bird, beaver, and coiled serpent and historians rely on oral traditions to tell the stories of these air, land and water spirits in this area.
  9. Pine River Trout Fishing – The Pine River is the largest river in Richland County. With its tight curves and its many swirls and eddies, this river is perfect for trout fishing. Pick any cool, early morning and tuck yourself in among the many sandstone rock bluffs to cast a line for some whopping trout.
  10. Kayaking the Pine River – The Pine River also creates the perfect opportunity for watersports such as canoeing and kayaking. The county has taken strides in making the river accessible for everyone with accessibility landings along many stretches.

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