/ Find New Learning Opportunities in Sheboygan County

Find New Learning Opportunities in Sheboygan County

Do new learning opportunities spike your interest? Are you looking to shake up your ‘stay-at-home’ routine and learn something new? Then Sheboygan County could be a great place for you to live, work, or even visit! From hitting the waves for a surfing lesson to learning how to ride a motorcycle or drive our Wisconsin winters at Road America, Sheboygan County offers some of the best learning opportunities across the state! Let’s check out some of these great opportunities right here in Wisconsin. 

Hit the Water in Sheboygan County

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One extremely special thing that you can learn in Sheboygan County that is truly unique to the area is the opportunity to learn how to have a safe, enjoyable, and educational boating experience. The SEAS program in Sheboygan County is designed to help those ready to learn how to safely handle boats, racing, and techniques, as well as get a dive into maritime history and conservation awareness. 
With the SEAS program, you can join in on sailing classes that are offered to those who are new to sailing or those who are interested in getting more involved in the great sport! Or, if you’re wanting to learn more about driving a powerboat, they also offer classes and courses to provide the opportunity to feel safe and comfortable while driving boats of all sizes! Not only does the SEAS program offer these fabulous spring, summer, and fall opportunities but in the winter they do a variety of workshops to help get you prepared for the upcoming seasons out on the water. 
Another learning opportunity that comes along with the great waters that surround the county is surfing lessons on Lake Michigan! In Sheboygan County, you can take classes and lessons specifically for surfing, kiteboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding. You can get all of the inside details on these lessons by clicking here. 

Cooking Classes 

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Right in the heart of downtown Sheboygan, you can find your flavor of fun at Relish Kitchen Store. At Relish, you can sign up to take several different educational and entertaining cooking classes. So what do these classes look like? Most are about 2 hours long and vary from hands-on cooking, to virtual Zoom classes. 
If you want to join the Relish Kitchen Store in person then you’ll want to join a hands-on or demonstration class. In the hands-on classes, you’ll be doing a majority of your cooking! You will be required to stand, cook and work in groups with other students in class! Demonstrations are another class offered at the store where you get to watch your chef with his or her work and talent and then get to enjoy the delicious meals!
If you’re wanting to learn from the comfort of your own home, Relish Kitchen Store offers Zoom and pre-recorded classes as well. In a Zoom class, you will cook right in your own kitchen while live on Zoom with the chef instructor and other participants. A pre-recorded class is also right in your own kitchen but at a pace that works best for you! These pre-recorded classes are with their chef, Shelly Platten, and last about 40-50 minutes long. The best part about these pre-recorded classes is that you will be given the recipe and grocery list when you sign up!
Learn more about all of the fun you can have at Relish Kitchen Store here. There you can get all of the inside details on how to register, pay, and all other FAQ about the classes they offer.

Road America: Motorcycle School & Winter Driving

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So you’re not a fan of winter driving in Wisconsin? We have some good news for you! At Road America in Elkhart Lake, you can join their Motorcycle School to get training from the experts on how to best ride across Wisconsin. Or, in the winter months be sure to check out the Winter Driving Program to help you learn how to sharpen your winter driving skills, especially during the snowy days we get here in Wisconsin.
Road America has a Motorcycle School that provides training for beginners and advanced riders alike all across the midwest. They offer classes for the basic rider on a motorcycle or scooter, street skills for an advanced rider, and dirk bike courses as well. Road America has an expansive 640-acre venue that has five different street training ranges. You can learn more about the opportunities and training courses that take place at Road America here. 
At Road America, you can join a class between the months of January through March (depending on the weather). Due to the unpredictable winter months, Road America has made lessons that cover skid control, recovery, braking, and emergency lane changes. This class is the perfect opportunity for drivers to learn how to control their cars during the harsh Wisconsin winters! Whether you are new to Wisconsin or could use this crash course in winter safety (no pun intended), then this is a great opportunity for you! You can learn more about the winter driving courses at Road America by clicking here. 

Learn to Weld

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Still itching to do some remodeling that you didn’t get done in 2020? Have you ever wanted to take on bigger, sturdier projects? Or are you looking for a career pivot? Well, if you’re looking to get some training for welding, you can find that as well in Sheboygan County! There are many excellent schools throughout the county that offer classes to earn a welding certification, diploma, or even associate degree. 
Basic training for a welder can be completed in a few weeks, and then you can get hard to work, but if you’re looking to join in on a comprehensive welding program then that could take about 4-9 months. 
In Sheboygan County, one thing that is very unique is the opportunity for women to learn how to weld. At Lakeshore Technical College (LTC), women can take a step toward pursuing nontraditional career opportunities such as welding. Through LTC, women, and girls age 16+ can explore the world of welding and find out if this could be their career of choice. Learn more about Welding for Women in Sheboygan County here. 
Welding is a job that exists in dozens of industries, allowing for a large number of opportunities to get jobs. In these courses and training, you will learn more about the physical demands of welding or carrying tools. You will also need to understand the safety that is involved with welders due to the dangerousness of the job. Learn more about how you can get involved in welding while in Sheboygan County here! 

Experience Nourish Farms

Photo Credit: Nourish Farms

Another great learning opportunity that lies in the hands of those visiting and living in Sheboygan County is at Nourish Farms. Since opening in 2009, they have been focused on getting families across the county food they produce! Nourish Farms has a mission of making their community healthy through good-food education. So what do you get to learn when you visit Nourish Farms? Let’s dive into it!
Nourish Farms provides a lot of great and different opportunities for kids and adults of all ages like their education in schools with the Good-Food Program. This program offers students in the schools a healthy snack that aligns with their harvest of the month. Not only that, but Nourish Foods also has farm-to-table community dinners where community members can come together to get to know one another and learn about the delish food available to them!
While there are plenty of opportunities to join Nourish Farm in person for classes, programs, and more they also provide many things you can take home with you to continue the good-food education at home. There are two books available online, Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown which features all things on how to eat on a $4 per day budget, and Little Cook Read This Book by Nourish which is a cookbook for kids! Nourish Farms also has other educational materials from garden resources, composting resources, educational materials, and more.

Whatever you’re looking to learn more about, you can most likely find classes for that while in Sheboygan County! Opportunities lie within the communities offering different things for you to find your true passions. So what are you looking forward to learning most about in Sheboygan County? Let us know in the comments below!

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