/ Healthy Eats in the Dairy State

Healthy Eats in the Dairy State

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a fresh Wisconsin meal right from the local farms and ingredients that surround us? We sure do! Let’s uncover some of the best places to find a healthy meal with locally grown food right here in Wisconsin. From fresh juices to tasty vegan dishes, we truly have some great restaurants serving up the best healthy dishes in our state!

Wicked Willow

Located in Central Wisconsin, you can happen upon Wicked Willow in downtown Stevens Point. Wicked Willow prides itself on serving fresh and custom orders just for you, all the time! Whether you’re looking for a delicious vegan dish or have a food allergy, they assure that you can find a safe meal there. All menu items are gluten free, nut free, and soy free. Products are also locally sourced (whenever that is possible) and extremely delicious! 
So what are some of our favorite dishes to grab while visiting? It’s hard to narrow down the favorites, but you can’t go wrong with Mac ‘N Cheese. This bowl is filled with organic pasta, a creamy cashew cheese sauce, and 2 mix-ins (where you can choose from broccoli, peas, jalapenos, asparagus, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, zucchini, onion, bacon, chorizo, hot dog, or avocado)! If you’re feeling super adventurous, they also have specialty Mac ‘N Cheese variations too! 
Besides the Mac ‘N Cheese, the Wicked Willow has amazing beyond burgers, tasty tacos, and so much more! Be sure to take a look at their menu here and plan your trip with tasty, healthy bites throughout Wisconsin now!

Roots Juice

Photo Credit: Roots Juice via Instagram

If you’re a big fan of fresh juices, smoothies or protein shakes…Roots Juice in Eagle River is a great place to sit back and enjoy a healthy meal! Whether you’re on the go or looking for a cute little patio or juice bar to sit at, this is the place to stop.
When stopping into Roots Juice, our favorite go-to is the ‘Be Well’ juice. This juice is for immunity and is filled with carrot, orange, ginger, pineapple, lemon, beets, and cilantro! So delicious! You also can’t go wrong with a filling smoothie and definitely recommend the ‘Mango Mamba’, which is filled with mango, orange and banana! Plus, you can add protein and collagen to your drinks as well to fill you up a bit more too. 
Besides those tasty treats, you can find coffee, tea, protein shakes, and more while visiting. Be sure to take a look at their menu here and make a stop while in the Northwoods!

Heirloom Cafe & Provisions

Photo Credit: Heirloom Cafe & Provisions via Facebook

Nestled on the lake side of Door County, you can find Heirloom Cafe & Provisions for a great spot known for a healthy menu filled with bakery items, breakfast dishes, sandwiches, and more. And, if you’re in need of a pick-me-up be sure to try out the locally roasted coffee.
One of our favorite things to try out at Heirloom is the seasonal grain bowl. This bowl is filled with a quinoa and brown rice blend, marinated kale, house escabeche, seasonal roasted veggie, green goddess drizzle and dukkah (add avocado to top it off). But trust us when we say, you truly can’t go wrong with any of the plates serving fresh, eclectic, and health conscious breakfast and lunch dishes! At Heirloom you will find as on their menu! The menu changes seasonally which is one of the best parts…you can always find something new! On the drink side of things, they have espresso, rishi teas, and even some adult beverages. If you’re a tea lover, be sure to grab a Rishi Chai Masala!
Take a look at their menu here and be sure to keep them in mind when making your trip through Door County!
As you can see, we have a great variety of delicious and healthy meals throughout Wisconsin! An important aspect to these healthy meals is cutting out the processed foods and sugar. And the truth is, most of us are consuming much more sugar than we realize. One step we can take towards a healthier lifestyle is educating children on how to identify and account for sugar in their foods. Learn more about the sugar that is in natural foods versus processed foods. Explore more ways that you can take a hands-on approach to understanding how much sugar is consumed on a daily basis!

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