/ 10 of Wisconsin’s Most Instagrammable Places

10 of Wisconsin’s Most Instagrammable Places

Are you looking for the perfect Wisconsin weekend destination to relax and enjoy with your loved ones, but also make the perfect backdrop to your next Instagram post? Here are 10 of the most Instagrammable places in Wisconsin that double as amazing day trip destinations.

  1. Parfrey’s Glen (Merrimac)

Photo by @taylorduncanphotography

Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area is a destination featuring a miniature waterfall, sandstone cliffs, giant boulders, and a deep gorge. Some federally endangered species thrive within the narrow rocky ravine as well as the weathered colors of the ancient currents that once used to flow the walls of that puddingstone. Hikers are free to venture down the creek and into the 100-foot ascending walls of the gorge to explore the history within the cliffs.

  1. Apostle Island Sea Caves (Bayfield)

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is home to the wondrous sea caves, which entice visitors to weave kayaks and canoes between their delicate arches or hike over 4.5 miles on the Bayfield trails. The caves are formed from centuries of freezing, thawing, and waves crashing against the shoreline. The result of this erosion is the magnificent vaulting chambers that accent Superior’s ever-changing beauty. The caves are not only tread in the summer because as winter approaches, watch for the icicles that hang from the roof of the caves and the pillars of ice that form from waterfalls freezing in place.

  1. Beckman Mill (Beloit)

Beckman Mill is a historical landmark in southern Wisconsin with its original construction dating back to the 1840s. Located outside of Beloit, the property has been maintained wonderfully for generations and now serves as the site of countless wedding ceremonies and family reunions. Experience the beautifully-preserved property on the water and the rustic dock for a glimpse of Wisconsin’s natural allure and grounded history.

  1. Cascade Falls (Osceola)

Photo by @estherleann90

Cascade Waterfalls is in the heart of Osceola northwest Wisconsin. The water drops 108 feet from the Osceola Creek into the St. Croix River. Look down from the wooden stairwell over the water or look up to the falling water from the stream either way, the impeccable beauty from the Cascade Falls makes this a perfect pitstop for a photo op!

  1. Anderson’s Dock (Ephraim)

Photo by @junkyardbarbie

This “Instagram darling” is a historical marker located in Ephraim, Door County. The dock was created in the deep water in 1858 where steamers docked and merchandise was stored within the building. These days, the building is hard to miss thanks to its vibrant exterior: visitors from all over the world bring their artistic flair in the form of graffiti. And yes, selfies abound!

  1. Devils Lake State Park (Baraboo)

Photo by smlomas19

Wisconsin’s most iconic state park, Devils Lake in Baraboo is a popular place for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts. This lake is a perfect representation of the changes Wisconsin has undergone over centuries in order to create our impeccable views, adventurous climbing, twisting hiking trails, and fishing hotspots. The lake is bordered with 500-foot-high quartzite bluffs and rock outcroppings that were formed during the last Ice Age! How can you not stop for a picture at the gorgeous red rocks overlooking the entire park?

  1. Holy Hill Basilica (Hubertus)

Photo by @oskarcallermo

With recorded history dating back to the 1600s, Holy Hill Basilica is a destination that has piqued the interest of thousands over centuries. This magnificent shrine towers over acres of southeastern Wisconsin forests and draws both evangelicals and non-evangelicals alike. The church is built on ground so high, you can eye the basilica from nearly 30 miles away! The mysterious yet miraculous accounts combined with the stunning architecture draw thousands of people to this historical landmark every year.

  1. Wisconsin State Capitol (Madison)

Photo by @kelsey.rose90

Wisconsin’s State Capitol is central to downtown Madison and is known to be one of the state’s most valued treasures. After a fire broke out in 1904, construction began on what is now he current Wisconsin State Capitol building. This landmark houses both chambers of the Wisconsin Legislature, the Supreme Court and office of the Governor. Both the interior of the building, while aesthetically contrasting, make for truly stunning photography.

  1. Stavkirke (Washington Island)

Photo by @indiemoto

Door County is host of the Stavkirke Church, which was created to reflect Scandanavian culture, architecture, and immigrant influence on the island. This uniquely shaped replica church was built in the 1980s and attracts over 5,000 visitors annually. Whether it is a baptism, wedding, or just mere curiosity, Stavkirke is another great reason to explore the island-with a camera in tow!

  1. Dells of the Wisconsin River (Wisconsin Dells)

Photo by @ashtonrmace

“Dells” is the Native American word for ‘dark rushing water’ which is why Kilbourne City changed its name to Wisconsin Dells in the 1930s. This region is full of glacier-carved sandstone formations and is now a major year-round attraction for visitors all over the world. In fact, while Wisconsin Dells is perhaps most famous these days for its waterparks, it’s actually the area’s gorgeous natural attractions that originally put the area on the map.

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3 comments on “10 of Wisconsin’s Most Instagrammable Places”

  1. Sad you have completely left out Boulder Junction! 200 lakes in 10 mile radius…Rivers galore…Come see us before you write your next lil’ list!!!

  2. Sad you have completely left out Boulder Junction! 200 lakes in 10 mile radius…Rivers galore…Come see us before you write your next lil’ list!!!

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