/ Strong Wisconsin Businesses Coming Together to Stand with Ukraine

Strong Wisconsin Businesses Coming Together to Stand with Ukraine

When Wisconsin businesses are doing good, the world benefits! In light of the heartbreaking events in Ukraine over the last month, these Wisconsin businesses have decided to step up and offer help from afar to the people who have been tragically impacted in Ukraine. We wanted to highlight a few of these businesses who heard the call to do more and are giving back in unique ways! Check out a few of them here:

Door County Candle Company - Carlsville

Photo Credit: Door County Candle

Door County Candle Company recently launched an impactful campaign that has gotten the attention of the world. Owner, Christiana Gorchynsky Trapani is a Door County native and a proud Ukrainian-American, who felt called to take action when the conflict in Ukraine hit at the end of February.
They created the vanilla scented "Ukraine" candle to emulate their blue and yellow flag expecting to sell about 200 candles with the goal of donating 100% of profits to Razom for Ukraine. To date, they have sold over 40,000 and donated their two installments of $275,000! But they aren't stopping anytime soon and the orders for support keep pouring in! You can order a "Ukraine" candle from Door County Candle Company today to support the people of Ukraine!   

Bare Bones Brewery – Oshkosh

Photo Credit: Bare Bones Brewery

This Oshkosh based brewery decided to mix a Ukrainian beer recipe with a flare of creativity to donate funds to those in need. They created a new beer called the “Putin Huylo”, a dry-hopped strong ale clocking in at 8% ABV following a beer recipe from Pravda Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine. Additionally, the can artwork is also from the Ukrainian brewer. To date Bare Bones and Lakefront Brewery are the only Wisconsin breweries brewing Pravda beer. This movement with “Brew For Ukraine” encourages brewers around the world to make Pravda beers and donate proceeds to its relief fund.
About 75 cases of Bare Bones Putin Huylo will be sold in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans for $12 with $6 going to the account set up by Pravda. Additionally, $4 of each pint sold on tap will be donated. Putin Huylo will be sold at Bare Bones taprooms in Oshkosh and Menasha. So if you’re looking for a delicious way to support a local brewer and the people of Ukraine, this is it!

Wakker Cheese Shop – Kewaunee

Photo Credit: Wakker Cheese Shop

Sergii Aleksieiev was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine and now is the operations manager of Wakker Cheese Shop in Kewaunee, which has also gained national recognition for their fundraising efforts for Ukraine. 
Ever since Friday, March 4, all proceeds from all sales by Wakker Cheese are going toward relief supplies for Ukrainian people. Not just the profits from the sales of certain goods, but all the money from all sales, in store or online. "We're just trying to do as much as we can," he said. "It's no time to think about profits or anything like that. Help is so critical right now.
The Wakker Cheese Shop hasn't set an end date to the fundraising yet and hopes that people can see the dire need for the people of Ukraine. This shop proves, once again, that any one person or one business can make a tremendous difference! 

Bee Bella – Oshkosh

Photo Credit: Bee Bella

After being inspired by some of the other amazing businesses mentioned above, Bee Bella wanted to contribute as well. Bee Bella isn't your average lip balm company. Since its start, Bee Bella has made an enormous effort to be socially and economically conscious. They source organic ingredients, provide funding to honey bee research, support U.S. manufacturing, guarantee that our products are never tested on animals, and ensure that farmers around the world are treated fairly and work in humane conditions. Each lip balm is also hand poured and crafted by the beekeepers themselves. The owners, Jonathan Dudzinski, James Wiciak, and Scott Haskins are all local to the Oshkosh area and are dedicated to making a difference through sustainable means and incredible lip balm.
They decided to donate 50% of all lip balm sales to Razom for Ukraine throughout the month of March, and possibly beyond! The team said, “we want to start a movement of American businesses coming to the aid of the brave people of Ukraine. Therefore, 50% of every dollar in product sales from our website is going to be donated to these people in desperate need.

These are just a few businesses that skim the surface of what Wisconsinites are doing to support those in Ukraine! Know more Wisconsin businesses who are actively supporting Ukraine? Give them a shout out in the comments! Together, we shine the brightest. 

Susan Fochs: Marketing Coordinator and Podcast Producer for Discover Mediaworks. A self-proclaimed non-profit aficionado, coffee connoisseur, marketing nerd, and lover of all things Wisconsin.

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