/ Summertime Adventures Fueled by Jolly Good Soda

Summertime Adventures Fueled by Jolly Good Soda

Photo Credit: Jolly Good Soda via Instagram

You can’t beat summertime in Wisconsin–soaking up the sun’s rays with an ice cold beverage in your hand. This summer, grab a Wisconsin–made Jolly Good Soda to fuel your array of experiences around the state. Whether you are on the water, on land, or gearing up for your next adventure, Jolly Good Soda has got you covered. Read more about the summer drink of your dreams here!

On the Water

Photo Credit: Jolly Good Soda via Instagram

Scattered throughout the state, lakes provide endless adventures under the summer sun. Whether you’re boating, kayaking or even stand up paddle boarding, there’s nothing more relaxing than riding the waves and sipping on a refreshing Jolly Good Soda.

Before you go, pack up your cooler with a wide selection of hydrating Jolly Good Sodas. Crack open the good times while savoring each flavor. Try the classics: Cherry, Grape, Orange, Sour Pow’r, Cream, or Root Beer!

For more of a tasty and tropical vibe, grab an ice cold Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, or Pina Colada Jolly Good. You can’t go wrong with any of their fantastic flavors. And the best part? They’re caffeine free so you can enjoy one at any time of the day and even mix into a crafted cocktail. Click here for exclusive recipes. Let the sippin’ and splashin’ of summertime begin! 

On Land

Photo Credit: Jolly Good Soda via Instagram

While the water brings the waves, the woods offer miles of exploration. Journey by foot, bike, ATV or UTV around the many trails and outlooks of Wisconsin. No matter how you decide to explore Wisconsin’s vast wilderness, you’ll need a hydrating refreshment. 

There’s no better option than Wisconsin’s one and only Jolly Good Soda. Load your backpacks with your favorite flavors before kicking the dust up. Throw in a variety of flavors from refreshing Orange to Sour Pow’r to give you the fuel you need throughout the day.

For a sugar free option, grab any of Jolly Good’s Diet Soda’s–just as flavorful as their refreshing regulars. And even better? They’ve got all the flavors you love: Diet Cherry, Diet Orange, Diet Grape, Diet Sour Pow’r, Diet Fruit Punch, Diet Cream and Diet Root Beer. Time to hit the trails and explore Wisconsin’s picturesque landscape.

Loading Up For Your Next Adventure

Photo Credit: Jolly Good Soda via Instagram

By the time another summer day filled with adventures ends, you’ll need to stock up on your Jolly Good Soda. Not to worry, there are many locations throughout the state where you can buy your favorite flavors–whether it’s a single can or case to go! 

In the Southeastern corner of the state, you’ll find the motherload! Surrounding Random Lake, Jolly Good’s hometown, many city hubs carry Jolly Good including Belgium, Adell, Cedar Grove, Waldo, Oostburg, Cascade, Port Washington, Saukville, West Bend, and more! Find Jolly Good near you by clicking here.

If you can’t find any in a city near you, ask your local store manager to order it in for you and other local Wisconsinites to enjoy all summer long. Or, order a 12 pack case online. For regular Jolly Good Soda, choose from a 12 pack of Cherry, Grape, Orange, Sour Pow’r, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Cream or Root Beer. You can even order a variety pack to get a taste of each. For diet Jolly Good Soda, choose from a pack of Diet Cherry, Diet Grape, Diet Orange, Diet Sour Pow’r, Diet Fruit Punch, Diet Cream or Diet Root Beer. If you simply can’t decide, there’s always an option for a variety pack. 

This summer's sipping up to be unforgettable! Perfect for any sunny adventure, on the water or on land, Jolly Good Soda is made just for you–and can be found all throughout the state. Fuel any of your summertime adventures with Wisconsin’s thirst quenching Jolly Good Soda. Share your favorite flavors of the summer season in the comments below!

Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.


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