/ Taking the Ultimate Wisconsin Tour By Roadways

Taking the Ultimate Wisconsin Tour By Roadways

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Transportation via Facebook

Ready to ride Wisconsin’s roadways? You’ve come to the right place! We’re taking you on the ultimate tour brought to you by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation following Wisconsin’s amazing roadways that curve all across the state. From motorcycling and road tripping to navigating construction and staying safe, we’ve got you covered. Come along for an epic roadways ride to remember!

Motorcycling Across the State

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Transportation via Facebook

Calling all motorcyclists of Wisconsin! Come along for a ride across our scenic state. Whether you’re looking to travel on the top rides with panoramic views or attend the many motorcycling events of the summer and fall season, it’s all here. Time to kick it into gear!

Hop on your bike and set out on an expedition by roadway. Wisconsin is home to many spectacular routes such as the world-renowned Great River Road. Offering 250 miles of breathtaking vistas, Wisconsin State Highway 35 follows right along the mighty Mississippi River–hence the esteemed roadway name. Scattered throughout the state, take an adventurous avenue traversing on a series of hidden gems–none other than Wisconsin’s rustic roads

Can’t get enough? Celebrate at events and ride in the rallies throughout the state, from top to bottom. Up in Northwoods territory, attend the annual Tomahawk Fall Ride where tens of thousands of motorcyclists gather together in a celebration of events including food to fun runs, all in dedication to our nation’s veterans. 

Another annual event to add to your must-visit list for next year, located in the Southern city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin–the hometown of Harley-Davidson–is the Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival. With 4 days of jam packed entertainment and excitement, it is and has been the main event for motorcycle enthusiasts for 120 years to date!

While riding these expansive routes and roadways, whether you’re taking in the scenery or heading to an event, cruise with care and beware. Be sure to review the newly updated Wisconsin DOT’s motorcyclist handbook for a refresher on rules of the road and precautionary tips to keep you and others on the roadway safe at all times.

Navigating Construction

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Prior to planning any excursion, it’s important to review the roadways you wish to travel so you can know before you go. There’s no better way to scope out your navigated route than 511–an informative resource to stay ahead of the conditions and closures. 

When using 511 you can access real-time camera footage of Wisconsin roadways, analyze construction, get notified of incidents and inclement weather, and far more. Create an account to manage your plans, input your routes, and sign up for important alerts. 

In addition to these essential features, learn more under travel services and discover more details about your modes of travel, travel assistance, major events and tourism, as well as critical construction information to keep in mind. 

As of recently, Wisconsin DOT has even made it possible to check on the updated status of all current construction projects that are taking place in the entire state of Wisconsin. It conveniently allows you to redirect your route or consider an alternate roadway. Click here and plan your trip today.

Make It a Road Trip!

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Transportation via Facebook

Once you’ve reviewed 511, let the road trip fun begin! As one of the nation’s most naturally beautiful states, Wisconsin is full of a plethora of sightseeing excursions–too many to list! Here are a few possibilities of Wisconsin’s top scenic regions for inspiration or for planning your next vacation! 

Begin your journey by roadway to the Northwoods region where wildlife, wilderness, and waterways are nothing short of abundant. Drive beneath the awe-inspiring tree tops and by the vast waterside. 

While you’re up in the area, continue even further North to one of Wisconsin’s two Great Lakes–Lake Superior–where coastal communities surround the spectacular shoreline. Take the scenic route and drive along the Lake Superior Scenic Byway for 70 miles of picturesque landscapes ranging from forest to sandy beaches that all surround pristine Lake Superior.

Conclude your memorable road trip in the Southeastern edge of the state at the second and final of the Great Lakes bordering Wisconsin–Lake Michigan. Soak up the astounding views from the dreamy Door County. It wouldn’t be a road trip without taking the scenic route. Hop on the Door County Coastal Byway for a 66 mile showcase of not only Lake Michigan, but also the beautiful bluffs of the Niagara Escarpment. What are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the road!

Staying Safe

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

No matter where your ride or road trip takes you, staying safe is key. Before you go, not only should you take the necessary steps to ensure safety for you, but also for others that share Wisconsin’s roadways including construction workers and police officers.

The Wisconsin DOT challenges you to take the two most mandatory steps for safety–Buckle up, phone down! During any trip, big or small, always use your seatbelt and keep your eyes on the road rather than your phone. Take the pledge today with one simple click here.

Consider all who share the roads. Hear from a construction worker first-hand by watching ‘WisDOT Distracted Driving Ad: Construction Worker’ below:

Listen to a state trooper in ‘WisDOT Distracted Driving Ad: Trooper Yang’ as he shares his own roadway experiences while encouraging everyone to drive safely in all Wisconsin travels:

Your turn! Travel along Wisconsin’s roadways, whether you’re going motorcycling or road tripping with your crew. Because of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, riding the roadways just got easier from navigating construction to staying safe along the way. Let your journey begin!

See a fun and exciting journey first-hand by watching Discover Wisconsin’s original short, ‘Road Trip to CranFest with Wisconsin DOT’ now:

Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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