/ The Best of 2022 on The Cabin Podcast

The Best of 2022 on The Cabin Podcast

2022 will certainly go down in the books of The Cabin Podcast! It’s been a year to remember discovering the delicious foods, fun-filled activities, amazing people, places and all things Wisconsin. As we come to the end of the year, the Cabin Crew reviews the top 10 most downloaded podcast episodes of 2022 below. Keep reading to see the top picks and listen with the click of a button! 


#10: Episode 124: “Behind-the-Scenes: 35 Years of Discover Wisconsin (ft. Rick Rose & Stephanie Klett)”

What do you get when you put the 3 longest running hosts of Discover Wisconsin in one room together…with a lot of coffee? You get some incredible stories about the best things Wisconsin has to offer! As we move forward in our 35th Anniversary season, we sit down with Stephanie Klett, Eric Paulsen, and Rick Rose to discuss the past, present, and future of the iconic brand that Discover Wisconsin has become! This is an inspiring conversation that you certainly won’t want to miss. 

#9: Episode 110: “Unique & Fun Farm Experiences (ft. Andrea Boehlke)”

When outsiders think of Wisconsin, it’s easy to picture farmland. This is the ‘dairy state’ after all. But have you tried any of these unique farming experiences, even if you’ve never stepped foot in on your whole life? Wisconsin farming isn’t just dairy cows grazing for grass and producing milk, you could enjoy a summer day in a sunflower farm, visiting an alpaca farm, enjoying a ruby red cranberry farm, exploring a petting zoo farm, see a farm show, participate in 4-H, and so much more! Discover Wisconsin co-host, Andrea Boehlke, joins us on location from her family farm to tell us more!

#8: Episode 129: “More Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dairy Bars”

Move over Guy Fieri…Eric Paulsen is in town and he’s here to give your love for exploring diners and drive-ins a run for your money. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Wisconsin-based podcast if we didn’t throw in dairy bars! And we are joined by our unofficially official food correspondent, Josh Ostermann, to run through this list of delicious places you can only find in the dairy state!

#7: Bonus Episode: “A Delicious Tour of the ‘Supper Club Capital of the Midwest’ with Calumet County”

In Wisconsin, it’s no secret, or surprise, that we love supper clubs. It’s a dining experience like no other that includes a whole lot of food for not too much money. It’s an experience that starts at the bar where the most popular drink ordered is the Old Fashioned. 

The Calumet County region has 16 supper clubs to choose from and is known as the Supper Club Capital of the Midwest®. Get your notes app ready for this episode as you map out your tour of supper clubs that you need to try and which restaurants are known for which menu item! 

#6: Episode 115: “Local Coffee Shops We Love & You Need to Try”

Every town has *the* coffee shop everyone needs to try when passing through. The good news for us is that you can never have enough coffee and the amazing coffee shops to try are endless. While there’s no way we covered every great coffee shop in Wisconsin, these are just a few of our favs – and the most challenging “WI in 72” for Eric yet as he lists off all of the fan submitted favorites!

Plus, we throw in a little coffee education into the beginning of this episode, and Susan, Eric, and Audio Dave discuss what they think really makes or breaks a stellar coffee shop. Tune in and map out where you’ll find your next great cup of java!

#5: Episode 111: “A Wisconsin Deep Dive: Stevens Point”

A palindrome day, National Margarita Day, and a great day to talk about all things Stevens Point! Discover Wisconsin’s social media guru, Kortnee Hass, joins us in The Cabin to discuss all things central Wisconsin. Of course, she sprinkles in some hidden gems, but we go over what makes this part of the state so special, some historical fun facts, and the must-do activities when you visit this area!

#4: Episode 107: “Wisconsin 101: The Friday Night Fish Fry”

Happy Birthday to us! This week we are celebrating the 2nd year of The Cabin Podcast by talking about one of the most ‘Wisconsin’ topics out there: the Friday Night Fish Fry. This staple in supper clubs and restaurants around the state has a lot happening on the plate and a surprising history. Plus, we go over some of our favorite recommendations with returning guest, Josh Ostermann, and push Eric to the limits in his “WI in 72” segment by reading the abundance of recommendations for best fish fry in the state by you – the fans!

#3: Episode 112: “10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wisconsin”

Wisconsin definitely has its quirks and wacky fun facts. But there’s a lot about the badger state, beyond the dairy consumption and frequent brewery pop ups, that isn’t often discussed. This episode has 10 juicy facts about Wisconsin that you probably didn’t know, and you’ll love to use at your next trivia night! 

#2: Episode 140: “Gabrielle & AJ Dillon’s Favorite Foodie Spots in Green Bay & Door County (ft. Gabrielle Dillon)”

Gabrielle and AJ Dillon aren’t your average NFL newlyweds…they’re also huge foodies. While they love to indulge all over the world, some of their favorite restaurants can be found in their home throughout Northeast Wisconsin! Today we sit down with Gabrielle to talk about her and AJ’s favorite foodie spots all around Green Bay and Door County!

#1: Episode 117: “A Wisconsin Deep Dive: Blanchardville (ft. Paul Saether & Kriss Marion)”

If you’ve been hanging out in ‘The Cabin’ with us for a while, then you know Audio Dave’s love for the small Wisconsin town of Blanchardville, just southwest from the Madison area. This whole community is certainly a hidden gem no more! In this episode, we dive deep into the history of the area, layout of the downtown, favorite spots to eat, drink, and see, and so much more with guests, Paul Saether and Kriss Marion.

And finally, Audio Dave had to break out the slow, sad, piano music as we bid our audio master and future Mayor / President of Blanchardville, adieu.

(Honorable Mention) Episode 134: “Wisconsin: The ____ Capital of the World”

Wisconsin is known for being a lot of things…the capital of some, in fact! But did you know how many things Wisconsin is the ‘capital of’?! Everything from waterparks, to toilet paper, to certain sausages, cranberries, Swiss Cheese, and so much more! Today inside The Cabin, we are running through everything that Wisconsin is the world capital for!

(Honorable Mention) Episode 108: “Unconventional Winter Activities To Try in 2022”

As the Wisconsin temperatures continue to drop, we know that it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get outside and explore. Maybe your idea of winter outdoor activities stops at the notion of skiing and snowboarding and you’re looking for something different to try. Well, then this is the winter-tastic episode for you! The Cabin Crew covers a list of unconventional winter activities that you’re going to want to try in 2022! 



This year certainly has been amazing for The Cabin Crew… but 2023 has even more exciting and interesting episodes in store. Let us know what topics you’d love to hear about in the comments below!


Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.


*Narration provided by WondervoxAI.

From the team at Discover Wisconsin: We believe in making our content accessible to all, which is why we offer an audio version of our blog posts. By clicking the play button above, you can listen to our blogs!

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  1. As a 63-year-old that has been camping since I was 10 years old, I was extremely disappointed in the camping podcast that I listened to yesterday. In the opinion of the 3 that hosted the podcast, you are not camping unless you do it with only a jackknife and a toothpick. I have done every type of camping, and no matter what type, it is camping. There are many people that have great memories of camping with their parents or grandparents, and may have done it in a tent, pop-up, RV or whatever. All they know is that they were camping, and they had fun. For the three of you to come on this podcast and tell everyone that if you do any type of camping other than "roughing it" is considered glamping, I think is totally inconsiderate. I've always hated the word glamping and I've always hated it when people feel the need to broadcast their opinions as facts. I would like to see you apologize on your next podcast and state that you were only giving YOUR opinion on what camping is, and that camping is what a person makes of it. As long as they are having fun and enjoying the outdoors.

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