/ The Islands Of Wisconsin: Unlocking Your Inner Peace

The Islands Of Wisconsin: Unlocking Your Inner Peace

Photo Credit: National Park Service

Are you looking to escape to a peaceful paradise? Look no further than Wisconsin’s islands–the ultimate getaway to refresh your state of mind. Tag along as we travel across the wavy waters of Wisconsin’s Great Lakes to the Apostle Islands, Washington Island, and Rock Island where you can truly unlock your inner peace among the soothing waves and endless beaches.

Apostle Islands

Photo Credit: National Park Service

Travel to the Northernmost shores of Wisconsin to the serene Lake Superior, which holds the breathtaking Apostle Islands! Among this island group, there are 22 individual islands–each offering incredible adventures and extravagant views. 21 of the islands are inaccessible by automobile; however, Madeline Island is the exception! 

If you’re looking to get to Madeline Island–the biggest of the islands–hop aboard the Madeline Island Ferry Line, which will take you on a picturesque voyage from Bayfield to La Pointe! To get to the other scenic 21 islands, you’ll have to embark on your choice of water transportation: by kayak or boat. There are also cruises and commercial services available for you to take either a tour seeing the sights or shuttle you to your final destination on one of the islands.

After arriving on shore, you’ll be blown away by the beauty. During your stay, there are a variety of activities to enjoy that can unlock your inner peace including hiking, camping and even scuba diving

Pick your hike from over fifty scenic treks weaving through the island's shoreline showcasing the awe-inspiring overlooks and leading you to the pristine sandy beaches. Available on 18 of 21 of the islands, set up camp and immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the Apostle Islands. Or, find a sense of solitude beneath the surface at the many scuba diving sites where you can explore sea caves, cliffs, and even shipwrecks!

Washington Island

Photo Credit: Washington Island Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

Time to head to Wisconsin’s prized Eastern nook to the great Lake Michigan, home of Washington Island! Washington Island is the largest of the surrounding thirty islands of Door County and offers over 35 square miles of serenity. On the island, tour over the 100 miles of roads along the scenic byway.

To get to the island, board the Washington Island Ferry Line or Island Clipper and be swept away with the waves. Take in the scenery along the way such as clusters of islands and their scenic shorelines. After just five miles of travel across the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan, you will arrive at your very own peaceful paradise. 

Once you step foot on the island, you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy to enjoy the great exploration ahead. Choose your adventure from various recreational activities, beaches & parks, and incredible places right on the island that promote a simpler state of mind. 

While on the waters of Lake Michigan, one of the best recreational activities is fishing. Book a trip with Heath’s Outdoor Sport Fishing Charters for an unforgettable smallmouth and king salmon fishing excursion like never before. If you’re looking for pure peace, relax and unwind at the many beaches & parks like Schoolhouse Beach–only one of five other beaches like it in the world! Or, for true tranquility, visit Fragrant Isle to stroll through the endless rows of fresh lavender and be in perfect harmony.

Rock Island

Photo Credit: Destination Door County

Another Door County island gem–Rock Island–is in the Northeastern waters of Lake Michigan. Truth be told, Rock Island is no ordinary destination… It’s Wisconsin’s one and only state park that’s an island! With just 912 acres, there’s no need for cars or bikes, only trails and pure bliss.

Begin your journey to Rock Island by heading to Jackson Harbor and gather your belongings before climbing aboard Karfi, the Rock Island Ferry. The ride across the wavy water takes a total of twenty minutes. As soon as you know it, you’ll be on island time.

As you arrive on Rock Island, take in the amazing experiences the island offers exploring the trails, white sand beach, and very first commissioned lighthouse.

Start your trek on the many walking trails that allow you to clear your head and take in the beauty around you. Known for their magnificent white sand beach, Rock Island’s is truly extraordinary and the perfect place to find your inner peace. And of course, while on Rock Island, the Pottawatomie Lighthouse is a must-see. As your excursion on shore unfolds, enjoy every moment and allow yourself to be at ease.

Wisconsin’s islands are the perfect paradise to restore your inner peace. With a plethora of islands to enjoy from the Apostle Islands, Washington Island, to Rock Island, your peaceful escape awaits! Plan your excursion this spring and renew your mindset on the incredible islands of Wisconsin. 

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