/ The Ultimate Sauk County Park Itinerary

The Ultimate Sauk County Park Itinerary

Photo Credit: Sauk County

Sauk County holds some of the most magnificent county parks in all of Wisconsin. These hidden gems have it all from scenic wilderness, waterways, sandy beaches and towering waterfalls. And in the winter, these parks are transformed into pristine winter wonderlands. Get ready for this ultimate itinerary to see all the county parks and their spectacular scenery including Hemlock Park, Lake Redstone Park, Man Mound National Historic Landmark, and White Mound County Park. Grab your gear and let’s head out to Sauk County!

Hemlock Park

Photo Credit: Sauk County

The first park on our itinerary in Sauk County is Hemlock Park, offering almost 73 acres of outdoor fun! Spend the day exploring on the unmarked hiking trail. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife along the way and take in the breathtaking scenery of this county park.

One highlight at Hemlock Park is the 22 acre slough, filled with fish including northern pike, largemouth bass and panfish! You can access many great fishing spots along the shore, on the pier, or on your very own electric-motor only vessel. Launch your boat along the shore from the county boat launch and you’re on your way for a fun fishing adventure!

After an adventurous day spent at Hemlock Park, we know exactly what you need… A cookout! On sight the park has picnic tables and grills for the ultimate cookout spot. Pack your coolers and make a day of Hemlock Park in Sauk County!

In the winter, the slough freezes over making this park a peaceful and serene winter oasis. You’ll definitely want to grab you snowshoes and head out to explore around the park. Hemlock Park is filled with natural beauty no matter the season. For more on Hemlock Park, click here and let your year-round adventures begin right in Sauk County!

Lake Redstone Park

Photo Credit: Sauk County

Next stop, Lake Redstone Park! Lake Redstone Park is just about 30 acres of land but this isn’t like any other ordinary park... Tucked inside the Sauk County park, you’ll find a waterfall to hike around or to just simply take in the views! 

Just nearby lies a sandy beach right on the south end of Lake Redstone. This beach is perfect for a warm, summer day. Dive in! This beach has something for the whole family, from swimming and tanning to a playground nearby for the kiddos. There’s never a dull moment at Lake Redstone Park’s beach.

If fishing is your flavor of fun, be sure to bring your gear along and cast a line in to test your luck at this popular fishing spot. Species you can expect to catch include northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, walleye and even big musky! It just might be your lucky day in Sauk County!

As the snow begins to fall, Lake Redstone Park surely has something in store! Start your snowmobile engines and hit the trails. Running right through the scenic heart of the park is a snowmobile trail. If snowmobiling isn’t your thing, you can also explore the winter falls by snowshoe. Or grab your gear to head out on the ice on Lake Redstone and set up for a day of ice fishing! This county park is a must-visit during any time of the year. For more details and directions to Lake Redstone Park, click here.

Man Mound National Historic Landmark

Photo Credit: Sauk County

Head east of Baraboo and you’ll arrive at the next county park on our itinerary, Man Mound National Historic Landmark! Fun fact: Since 2016, this park has been listed as a National Historic Landmark. And the history doesn’t stop there. This park originally got its name from a rare effigy mound located within the park. The mound is man-shaped and massive in size! It measures to be about 214 feet in length and 48 feet wide. Crazy right? It is definitely a piece of history that you have to see for yourself!

As crazy as it sounds, there’s a rich, historical meaning behind it all. Effigy mounds are typically in the form of animals and represent clans or heritages of people that were once present in the area long ago. This is one of the very few that still remains in the region.

While learning more about our past history, take it all in and have a seat in one of the scattered park benches. You can also picnic on this beautiful and historic piece of land at their many inviting picnic tables. And if you have any kiddos, there’s even a merry-go-round!

Whether you visit in the summer or winter, the history of Man Mound National Historic Landmark is rooted deep into Sauk County. To find out more about its history or amenities, click here.

White Mound County Park

Photo Credit: Sauk County

Our last stop is White Mound County Park, offering almost 1,100 acres of pristine wilderness and peaceful waters. This Sauk County has something exciting to do during every season. White Mound County Park truly resembles a magnificent reason to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Do you know where White Mound County Park got its name? The name came from a vanished village that once existed just south of the park! The village and now park was named after the white-like mounds of limestone surrounding the region. And when you visit, keep a close lookout to see the abandoned limestone kiln that still remains throughout the park!

If you’re up to head out into the wilderness, there are numerous ways and trails to explore. From hiking to horseback riding, you can venture through the scenic greenery and landscapes. And that’s just in the warmer months! When the snow comes, grab your snowshoes and snowshoe along the trails. Or pick up the speed on your snowmobile and ride the trails at this county park. 

If the water calls your name, you’ve come to the right place. White Mound County Park is home to White Mound Lake which is 104 acres! On the water, you can head out and explore by paddleboard, kayak, canoe, swim, boat at a slow-no-wake speed, and even go fishing! These waters hold all sorts of fish such as northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish, and catfish.

After visiting, you may not want to leave this welcoming park, and you don’t have to! Spend the night at any of the 46 campgrounds on site. The camping season, dependent on the weather, is open from the middle of May to the very beginning of November. But if camping isn’t your thing, the Prairie Smoke Terrace can be rented during any season. Head here to find out more about this amazing county park.

After reading this ultimate itinerary to see all the county parks Sauk County has to offer, it’s time to grab your gear and head out! These are just a few featured parks including Hemlock, Lake Redstone, Man Mound National Historic Landmark, and White Mound County Park, but there are so many more to visit in Sauk County well worth the drive. To learn more about these parks and others to visit in the county, click here and plan your trip.

See one of the beautiful parks for yourself and watch this Discover Wisconsin original short, ‘Sauk County: White Mound County Park’ that takes you on a tour through the parks’ beautiful scenery:

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