/ Uniquely Wisconsin: Adams County

Uniquely Wisconsin: Adams County

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Central to Wisconsin, Adams County makes up the heart of our state with a tight-knit community of park staff, couples, and families. These fellow Wisconsinites continue their moving efforts to make Adams County a truly amazing place to visit and reside. Follow along and discover the caring community of Adams County–the people that put the heart in Wisconsin.

The People Behind the Parks: Outdoors of Adams County

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Home to the second-largest lake in the state of Wisconsin — Petenwell Lake — with, appropriately enough, the state’s second-largest county park on its shores — Petenwell County Park, Adams County takes great pride in its parks and their natural beauty. 

County staff and the local community work together to provide these amazing parks with the care they need and deserve. 

Darren Tolley, the park manager at Petenwell County Park, has had a keen interest in helping maintain the natural beauty of Adams County. For almost 25 years, he has helped to keep the county parks beautiful and nurtured. 

Doug King, the park manager at Castle Rock Park in Adams County, is passionate about the natural beauty of central Wisconsin and Adams County. Not only is the county rural and rustic, it has natural rock formations spread throughout and is a great place for boating and fishing. Day in and day out, community members like Tolley and King work to make Adams County a wonderful place to live, work and play.

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Wisconsin Barns & Wedding Bells: A Diamond in the Rough

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Paul Swan is a timber man by trade who has built wooden structures all over America. When he and his wife Kari were looking for somewhere to relocate, they landed in Adams County.

Adams County is known for its natural beauty and when they found their piece of land, they knew they wanted to do something special with it. That something special was the creation of The Swan Barn Door. From hand drawn blueprints to the building of the barn, it was truly made from scratch by Paul and made to fit right in the county.

Today, Swan Barn Door is a thriving and beautiful venue for couples across the world looking for an intimate, remote setting with a natural landscape. From serving hundreds of guests to creating that perfect moment, the Swan Barn Door is truly a family affair.

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The Family Behind Iconic Sod: Science in Wisconsin Soil

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When Bob Health bought his farm in 1974, he started with just 15 acres of sod. “Central Wisconsin Sod caught on and the business has grown to over 200 acres of sod,” said Bob. Along with his daughter, Heidi Heath, they grow an extraordinary product, along with a full greenhouse of plants that can be found in places like Lambeau Field.

Cultivated in the sandy earth of Adams County, Wisconsin, and desirable for its quick draining properties after a rain, today you can find their sod in some big-name places, from Wrigley Field to Comiskey Park (now Guaranteed Rate Field) to Notre Dame to Whistling Straits Golf Course and many, many other stadiums and golf courses in between.

At 94 years old, Bob is still tending his land, with no expectation to slow down anytime soon. Together, Bob and Heidi continue providing quality sod and greenery to their clientele, leaving our state’s green footprint around the nation.

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From a dedicated group of staff members to charismatic couples and impactful families, it’s no wonder Adams County is known as the heart of the state. These life-changing locals make the county beam with life from the ground up. As they share their stories, see their motivated efforts up close, which strive to make a difference.

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