Find Your Work-Life Balance: Eau-Claire

Hailey Rose

April 7, 2023

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Tucked in the Northwest corner of Wisconsin is Eau Claire, a charming city offering the opportunity to manage the perfect work-life balance. Marshfield Clinic Health System believes in ensuring employees the chance to have an amazing career while pursuing their personal passions of life. Read more to find out how you can stay active year round in the sunshine and braving the cold, all while having a successful career of your own.

Getting Active in the Sunshine

Photo Credit: Visit Eau Claire

As the sun rays shine down in the city of Eau Claire, the outdoors come alive with countless activities you can’t get enough of. To take in the pure beauty of the charming city, go on a hike to take in the scenic views. There are many noteworthy hiking trails nearby that showcase the woodlands and prairies of Northwest Wisconsin. To name a few, Big Falls County Park is home to many rugged trails winding through the thick wilderness and alongside some of the most picturesque falls in all of Eau Claire. You can also venture off the beaten path at Putnam Park and hike among the 230-acre natural area. Click here to choose your next adventure.

If you’re looking for a path to pick up the pace, there are endless walking and running trails to explore! Right nearby downtown, Owen Park is the perfect place for an afternoon walk or run in the sun. Or, map out your loop at Carson Park, offering a .92 trail for walking, running and even biking! For a full list of walking and running trails, click here.

Get competitive with your family, friends or close-knit community at the many outdoor sporting and recreational areas while the sun is still shining! Challenge your friends and family to a round of Disc Golf at Tower Ridge County Park! With two 18-hole golf courses, there’s always a chance at a rematch. Fairfax Park is a must-visit, especially during the warmer months with an outdoor swimming pool! Speaking of swimming, check out Dells Pond for an adventure like never before. On site, there is a daunting rope swing, only if you’re feeling daring to jump, with the beautiful backdrop of Mount Simon. 

Eau Claire is home to numerous outdoor activities to keep you on your toes and active while the sun is still shining. With Marshfield Clinic Health System, you can stay active in the sunshine while pursuing an impactful and successful career of your own!

Braving the Cold

Photo Credit: Visit Eau Claire

When the crisp cold weather rolls in, bundle up and brave the cold! Eau Claire has plenty of activities to keep you active and warm in the great outdoors! For one of the many snow-filled activities, venture out on the packed snowshoe trails of Eau Claire. Trudge through Beaver Creek Reserve along their 9 miles of pristine trails. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife you may see along the way! Another amazing trail to travel is Colfax Red Cedar Preserve and Recreation Area. On this 146-acre preserve, there is a breathtaking trail loop that will guide you along the outskirts of the entire property and even through the wooded center. 

Try a different mode of dashing through the snow and hit the cross country ski trails that will glide you through the towering trees. During the winter, Tower Ridge County Park is known for their trails. In fact, it’s the largest trail system in Eau Claire County and region of West Central Wisconsin! For more smooth, pristine trails, head to Hickory Ridge Cross Country Ski Trail & Bike Trail. These peaceful trails make for a perfect active afternoon. Not only are there skiing trails, but this trail system offers nearly 15 miles of single track trails for winter biking, if you’re looking to switch it up!

Make the most out of the frozen landscapes and go ice-skating! Skate on the smooth local ice rinks at Boyd Park not only has an ice-skating rink for leisure, but they amped it up with an additional snow-banked hockey rink to add to the fun. Demmler Park, or as it’s known in the winter, Demmler Rink, has rinks for slow-paced skating or fast-paced competitive skating to shoot and score! Find out more about ice skating and other rinks of the area here.

Even in the cold, Wisconsin winters, there are endless hobbies and recreational activities to enjoy in Eau Claire before or after a day in the office. At Marshfield Clinic Health System, you can manage a healthy, active lifestyle and incredible career.

Securing A Successful Career

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Marshfield Clinic Health System ensures that employees have the chance to secure a successful career while doing what you love and are most passionate about in communities like Eau Claire. With Marshfield Clinic on your side, you can manage the perfect work-life balance while making a difference in the community you call home.

Hear more about Melissa Koopman, a Dermatologist at Marshfield Clinic Health System, who moved from Chicago to Eau Claire after meeting with many teams at Marshfield Clinic that focused on her needs, goals and contributions to the company and community she was moving to. Outside of the clinic, Melissa is dedicated to staying active year round and trains for her skate ski races by running, crossfit and cooking healthy, balanced meals. She is competitive by nature and participates in well-known competitions throughout Wisconsin, like the famous Birkebeiner in Hayward:

Eau Claire certainly is a dream destination to call home from enjoying the various outdoor activities you love most year round while also having the opportunity to secure a successful career. With Marshfield Clinic Health System, you can find your perfect work-life balance. 

Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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