Ho-Chunk Nation: A Game Changing Career

Kortnee Hass

February 9, 2022

Last November, the Discover Wisconsin team released a video series in partnership with Ho-Chunk Nation for National Native American Heritage Month. But we know that November isn’t the only time to see what Ho-Chunk is doing to be upstanding tribal members and good neighbors in their communities! In our second blog following along with this series, we are going to uncover what Ho-Chunk tribe member, Becky Albert-Reed, is doing to help have an influence on her community.

Meet Becky Albert-Breed

Photo Credit: Discover Mediaworks

Becky Albert-Breed is a Ho-Chunk nation tribal member and the executive director of First Nations Community Financial. Becky began her career working for the nation government and has continued to build on her skill set through her time with a deep interest in helping everyone better understand their finances and reach their goals. 
In college, Becky had come to choosing what her major was going to be and through that she thought alot about her own skill sets. Her main interest included working with people and she knew that her strongest skill set was in business administration and the finance fields. So with that being said, it ended up being her pursuit. 
Becky is able to successfully do accounting to help the tribe as well as operating her own business, Integrity Audit & Tax! Her dream has always been to have a tax business to help small businesses achieve their goals and partner with them to be successful. Along with that, she loves to provide opportunities to clients and introduce them to saving and investing in their lives.

Her Game Changing Career

Photo Credit: Discover Mediaworks

Becky always knew that she wanted to have a bigger impact for Ho-Chunk Nation and one way to do so was furthering her education. Thanks to the nation, Becky was able to successfully get her MBA. As the executive director of First Nations Community Financial and an owner of her own business, Integrity Audit & Tax, Becky is proud of her work she puts in the businesses day in and day out.
She is able to successfully spend most of her time focusing on things that may not be working and changing those processes, programs, and services so she can provide the largest benefit to the tribe as a whole. 
With First Nations, Becky helps put on events throughout the year to serve food to the community. They love to do things and appreciate food, so this time around they had a pig roast! While community members visit and get their food, Becky shares that she loves to share her knowledge and what First Nations has to offer to those surrounding them. She knows that through First Nations Community Financial they can successfully make a big impact by helping not only Ho-Chunk Nation tribe members but those in the community as well!

The Ho-Chunk Nation prides itself on being upstanding tribal members and good neighbors to the communities they are a part of every day. Learn more about how Becky Albert-Reed took steps in the nation and outside to grow herself and the community she is a part of in this segment of a four-part series now:

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