Holiday Gifts for the Energy Saving Enthusiast

Kortnee Hass

November 29, 2021

Get a kick-start on your holiday shopping this year with Focus on Energy’s Online Marketplace! Whether you’re looking to help family or friends save money all year long, or you’re just wanting to get a nice energy-saving gift at a low-cost, this marketplace is the perfect place to get your shopping started. From savings on smart thermostats to gift packs already bundled together, you can definitely find the perfect gift for the ones you care most about (and the homes you love spending time in!). Let’s dive into our top recommendations for holiday gifts for this season.

Smart Thermostat

This is a genius (and unique!) gift idea that you will definitely want to snag up this year! A smart thermostat is perfect for the person in your life who is money smart, energy efficient, and just a great forward thinker. Now through the end of the year you can save up to $75 on a smart thermostat when you purchase it through Focus on Energy’s online marketplace
Smart thermostats not only save you money in the long run, but also increase your home comfort all winter season long, making this a great gift for a family member or friend. To be honest, after a year like this one, go ahead and get it for yourself – you deserve this top-notch upgrade in your home! Learn more about the smart thermostats they offer online and see which one fits your gift giving best here.

Free Energy-Saving Packs

We can’t talk about amazing gift ideas for this holiday season without mentioning one of our personal favorites, the Focus on Energy Free Energy-Saving Packs! Whether you want a decorative light bulb pack to help keep your energy cost down during the holidays or you want to give someone a special gift to encourage them to focus on their energy consumption…you will definitely be happy with this easy and thoughtful holiday decision. 
The free-packs program has 5 different options: Focus Lightbulb Pack, Focus Decorative Light Pack, Focus Flood Light Pack, Focus Handheld Shower Pack, and the Focus Fixed Showerhead Pack. The best part? All the packs are FREE, making for the perfect addition to your energy saving gift! 
**Please note, limit one free pack per eligible household every 365 days.

You really can’t go wrong with checking out the Focus on Energy Online Marketplace to jumpstart your holiday shopping. Whether you want to find the perfect gift for a family or friend, or want to give your own household an energy saving gift…you can find it with Focus on Energy!

About Focus on Energy: Focus on Energy is funded by 107 partnering utilities and electric cooperatives across the state. Customers of those energy providers are eligible for the expertise and financial incentives through Focus on Energy solutions and offerings. These solutions help Wisconsin homeowners, manufacturers, small business owners, farmers, municipalities and other groups reduce energy waste, energy costs and pollution.

Kortnee Hass: Digital Media Associate for Discover Mediaworks. A Wisconsin ‘now & forever’ transplant with a soft spot for squeaky cheese curds, craft breweries, and all things Wisconsin tourism.

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