Insider’s Guide to Chippewa County’s Shopping, Dining, and Play

Kortnee Hass

May 31, 2022

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fun that Chippewa County has to offer? Whether you want to spend a day out on the town shopping, find your favorite foodie stops, or are ready to explore the arts and history… Chippewa County has it all! Now let’s get to how you can explore the ins and outs of the communities within Chippewa County and all of the fun that is to be had while visiting!

Shop Your Day Away

Photo Credit: Collective Charm // Go Chippewa County

Throughout each community in Chippewa County, you can find many different locally-owned shops ranging from boutiques, antiques, and much more! Downtown Chippewa Falls itself boasts a beautiful and historic small downtown with plenty of local shops all along the corridor. A few must-visit shops include:

  •  Collective Charm: an antique store that features a plethora of antique, vintage, upcycled, and restored treasures! 
  • Drewmark Boutique: specializes in women’s clothing, accessories, and custom goods!
  • Spring Street Sports: a top area bike shop with a variety of sports items. They also provide rentals for you to explore by bike, skis, snowboards, or snowshoes!

These are just a few of the gems located in downtown Chippewa Falls but you can find more about the shopping right in the heart of Chippewa County here. Lake Hallie is also a community inside of the county that is home to some great shops including:

  • Green Oasis: this shop is a full garden center with a gift boutique! 
  • The Local Store: if you are looking for a Chippewa County souvenir, this is a must-stop! You will find a wide variety of unique gifts, books, apparel, and more! 
  • Bravo! Salon & Spa: if you’re looking for a way to squeeze a spa into your shopping day, this is the place for you. Nails, hair, facials, & everything else you think of when you think… Spa day!

Outside of Chippewa Falls and Lake Hallie, there are some more hidden gems spread throughout the county! Each community boasts its own unique locally owned shops that make visiting a one-of-a-kind experience. Learn more about how you can shop your day (or weekend) away all throughout Chippewa County here! 

Dine Your Way Through The County

Photo Credit: Cornell’s Supper Club // Go Chippewa County

After a long day of shopping, or maybe for your midday break, you’ll definitely need to find some of the great local foodie stops that lie right in Chippewa County! For a casual dining experience, you definitely need to make a stop at Bohemian Oven in Bloomer. They serve up some delicious breakfasts and savory lunches with a true Czech experience. Don’t forget to take home some of their freshly made brick oven-baked European bread to bring the experience back with you! Other casual dining options include Max’s Bistro and Bar in Chippewa Falls, Frog Hop in Cadott, and Heckel’s Family Restaurant in Lake Hallie. 

With summer right around the corner, outdoor dining is always a favorite to-do for Wisconsinites! In Chippewa Falls, a must-visit is Loopy’s Saloon. Loopy’s isn’t just known for its wonderful outdoor dining experience but also for the beautiful views of the Chippewa River, volleyball courts, and tube/cone/kayak rentals offered right on site! Another restaurant that is just steps from the Chippewa River is River Jams in Lake Hallie. River Jams is known for its live music on the weekends, craft cocktails, and their made-from-scratch menu! Some more outdoor dining hot spots are The Edge Pub & Eatery, The View on Lake Wissota, and the Wissota High Shore Supper Club. 

And lastly, we can’t forget to talk about the outstanding fish fry you can get while in Chippewa County. The first one we can’t go on without mentioning is at Paradise Shores 4 in Holcombe. Not only do they serve up a wonderful fish fry but they are also right on the beautiful Lake Holcombe on the Chippewa River Trail! Along with that is West Hill Bar & Grill which is just a little outside of downtown Chippewa Falls but close enough to walk to if you’re spending the day downtown! 

And we can’t talk all about delicious a fish fry without mentioning a supper club. In Chippewa Falls a must-try spot is Connell’s Supper Club! They are home to some of the best seafood, steaks, and a classic Wisconsin supper club atmosphere. For more fish fry stops in Chippewa County, click here.

Experience Outdoor Activities 

Photo Credit: Country Fest // Go Chippewa County

Along with the shopping and foodie stops in Chippewa County, there is plenty of outdoor fun to be had year-round. To start, we can’t go on without mentioning some of the biggest festivals the county has to offer. Country Fest and Rock Fest, are two of the most popular events right in Cadott. Country Fest is a three-day event filled with all things country! Rock Fest is also a three-day event that provides a rock experience that all rock lovers do not want to miss. For both festivals, you can camp out right on the grounds or stay at a local hotel or Air BnB.

Not only does Chippewa County host those two large music festivals, but they also host the Northern Wisconsin State Fair which brings in over 250,000 guests each year! In 2022, you can make your trip to the fair between July 12-17th and get in all of your favorite fair food, events, and experiences you won’t forget. 

Chippewa County has some of the greatest outdoor events all summer long but they also have some smaller things you will want to check out on a visit to the area. One is the Chippewa Falls Farmers Market. Starting on June 16, the farmer’s market will be held on Thursdays from 12pm-6pm at Allen Park! In the area, you can also find a few different apple orchards to go picking for your own apples during apple season. Both Dixon’s Apple Orchard and Connell’s Family Orchard make for a fun family experience in Chippewa County. 

Find Your Fun Indoors

Photo Credit: Hyde Center for the Arts

If you’re out exploring on a rainy day or even in the winter months, there is still plenty of fun to be had indoors in Chippewa County! One fun family-friendly and indoor activity that you should take advantage of is at Glaze N’Glass Creations in Chippewa Falls. Beginners and advanced potters alike can create their own masterpieces on the bisque pottery! Another place in Chippewa Falls to bring out your creative side is at AR Workshop. This activity is a bit more adult-friendly, and is an experience where you join a DIY workshop and create your own home decor!

For a bit more on the arts and cultural side of the community, you can always find something unique happening at the Heyde Center for Arts. The Heyde Center for Arts is a historic venue that hosts a variety of arts and cultural events throughout the year. Some of the events that go on there fall into categories such as comedy, literary arts, theater, film, music, dance, and so much more! Learn more about the events taking place when you plan your trip by clicking here! 

As late fall rolls around later this year, you’ll want to make sure to check out the Chippewa Steel if you’re a hockey fan! The steel is a part of the NAHL league, which is a USA Hockey-sanctioned Tier II Junior league. This is definitely a family-friendly fun event to catch some high-level hockey and make an entire night out of it at the Chippewa Area Ice Arena!

All in all, Chippewa County is filled with plenty of local shopping spots, delicious bites to eat, and fun activities to do indoors and outdoors while visiting! Have you visited Chippewa County? What was your favorite thing to do and what are you looking forward to doing most next? Let us know in the comments below! 

Kortnee Hass: Social Media Coordinator for Discover Mediaworks. A Wisconsin ‘now & forever’ transplant with a soft spot for squeaky cheese curds, craft breweries, and all things Wisconsin tourism.

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