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September 1, 2016

In today’s world, commercial health and beauty products are made far away and come with a never-ending ingredients list full of unrecognizable words. These are products we’re putting on our skin and in our hair, so wouldn’t we rather know exactly what goes into it and rest assured that it’s doing its job? Thanks to partnerships formed by Something Special from Wisconsin, we’ve compiled a list of places to get your health and beauty aids; they’re all-natural and made right here in Wisconsin.

  1. Bonita Naturals (Montello) 

Because goat milk has the closest PH level to our skin, Bonita Naturals provides products that are gentle for even the most sensitive skin types. For over 40 years, Bonita Naturals has been raising organically-fed La Mancha and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, which contribute the number one ingredient to all of their products. Colorful, swirly soaps (that are so beautiful they could be mistaken for taffy), 100% pure essential oils, natural lip balms, bug repellents and all-natural deodorants can all be purchased on the Bonita Naturals website.

2. Heaven Scent Gardens (Sturgeon Bay) 
A local business that began in 1992, Heaven Scent Gardens specializes in natural botanical bath and body products that rejuvenate skin and stimulate sense of smell with a complete line of aromatherapy body products. Stop in to the “soap kitchen” in their Door County shop to see first-hand how the all-natural products are crafted. Their products, which are available on their website, in their shop and at various local shops and resorts, include soaps (for women, men and babies), lip balms, lotions, oils, insect repellents, shampoo and scents for the home.

3. Kreative Kraftwerks (Fond du Lac) 

[Photo by @kreativekraftwerks, Instagram]

[Photo by @kreativekraftwerks, Instagram]

Kreative Kraftwerks was established in 2002 in Fond du Lac and has quickly expanded to being sold at shops in 26 states and the Virgin Islands. Its popularity can be attributed to their deliciously scented and hand-poured soy candles and soy melts, as well as lotions and soaps handcrafted with palm, olive, soy, coconut and shea butter – high-quality and natural ingredients that your skin will thank you for. While you’re surely never too far from a location that sells Kreative Kraftwerks, their products are available on their website as well.

4. Merci Naturel (Green Bay)SSfW_MerciNaturel
Merci Naturel takes pride in its natural bath and body products, which are created with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and the highest quality of ingredients. Vegan soaps come in a wide variety of scents, from “Black Raspberry Vanilla” to “Makin’ Bacon” while the rest of the online store features lotion (both crème and bar), salves, salts, scrubs, lip balms, healing sticks, dryer balls, shampoo bars, laundry soap, sunscreen and bug spray.

5. Scent-Free Naturals (Colfax) 
For those sensitive to smells, chemicals and are prone to allergic reactions, Scent-Free Naturals provides natural and organic unscented products. Skipping the artificial fragrances allows skin to heal below the surface and reduces chances of skin irritations and even allergic reactions. Products, available for purchase online, include moisturizer, hand lotion, soap, youthful serum, lip moisturizer and hair and scalp solutions.

6. Simple Valley Creations (Cascade) 
What is truly a small, family-owned business, Simple Valley Creations began as a mother making laundry soap, fabric softener, home cleaning products and hand scrubs, simply seeking improvement in her family’s clothes, skin and home. Soon after, she began selling her handcrafted, all-natural products in a local flower shop and continues to grow, now selling products online, in eight local shops and at various fairs and festivals. Some favorites include shampoo, shower soap, massage oil, hand soap, sugar scrub, lip scrub, hair healer and body butter.

7. Sugar Maple Emu Farm, (Brodhead)
Sugar Maple is an emu breeding, hatching and growing facility, which also sells emu-related products that provide natural benefits. Use of emu oil is a growing phenomenon and has been proven to provide healing, anti-aging and cholesterol-lowering benefits. Products include moisturizer, facial cream, therapeutic pain rubs, soap, shampoo, hairspray, styling gel, and even egg shell jewelry, and all can be purchased on their website.

8. Lucy’s Soap (Mondovi)

A family business and part of Coon Creek Family Farms, Lucy’s soap was named after the family’s Great-Grandma Lucy and provides customers with hand-crafted French milled goat milk soap. It comes in bath bars, hand bars, and over 150 shapes, scents and colors…a perfect gift idea, or just for treating yourself! Beeswax lotion bars are also available. All products can be purchased on the farm by appointment, at various local shops, or on their Etsy store.
Something Special from Wisconsin™ has partnered with these businesses to provide the state with only the best products. Healthy, natural, and made in Wisconsin – what could be better than that?

The Wisconsin Association of Fairs is a member of Something Special from Wisconsin™ is a trademarked program administered by the Division of Agricultural Development at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection since 1983. Every dollar spent on Something Special from Wisconsin™ products and services supports local farmers, food processors, entrepreneurs, our communities and livelihood, as well as the Wisconsin way of life. Something Special from Wisconsin™ products are unique and of the highest quality, making them perfect for gift-giving, special occasions and every day!

Kristen Finstad is a member of the Discover Wisconsin crew. Having grown up in River Falls, attending UW-Stevens Point and now living in Madison, she’s a Wisconsin girl through and through. Watch Discover Wisconsin TV Saturday mornings at 10 on Fox Sports Wisconsin. (Twitter: @DiscoverWI)

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