America’s Bicycleland: 5×3 must-ride bike routes

Discover Wisconsin

September 3, 2013

As one of the top bicycle-friendly states in the U.S., Wisconsin boasts thousands of miles of fantastic bike trails. Here are five of my favorite biking communities, and three routes to explore at each:
America's Bicycleland

    Crystal Lake Trail – 14 miles, fully-paved, connects with the Plum Lake Trail and continues to the St. Germain Hike & Bike Trail. Together, all three routes form the 30+ mile paved Heart of Vilas County Hike & Bike Trail. Download the map.
    Lumberjack Trail – 12 miles, specifically maintained for mountain biking. Download the map.
    Nichol’s Beach Trail – 3 miles, runs from Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce to Nichols Lake. Download the map.
    Badger State Trail – 40 miles, one of the more popular trails in the state, part of the Ice Age Trail and the only inter-state trail in the state. Download the map.
    Capital City Trail – 9 miles through Capital Spring State Recreation Area, 7 miles from Industrial Drive past the Monona Terrace through the east side of Madison, 1 mile from Verona Road to Military Ridge. Download the map.
    Cannonball Path – 4 miles, paved trail constructed on the abandoned Union Pacific Railroad corridor that runs from the Beltline to McKee Road. Download the map.
    400 State Trail – 18 miles, located between Reedsburg and Elroy, plenty of rolling farmland and diverse wildlife. Download the map.
    Elroy-Sparta State Trail – 32 miles, passes through unglaciated areas of Wisconsin, neat bridges and tunnels along your way. Download the map.
    La Crosse State Bike Trail – 22 miles, packed-limestone screenings provide a smoother trail, wonderful trout streams and hardwood forests along the way. Download the map.
  4. Biking in Wis ST. GERMAIN
    St. Germain Bike & Hike Trail – 12 miles, paved trail winds along highways 70 and C and through Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest. Download the map.
    Awassa Preserve & Hiking Trail – 5 miles, perfect trail for beginner bikers, meanders through stands of mature pines, oaks, maples and balsam firs. Download the map.
    Shannon Lake Trail – 7 miles, gently rolling trail loops around Shannon Lake and past a variety of northern hardwoods. Download the map.
    Green Circle Trail – 26 miles, loops through Stevens Point area and connects more than 20 miles of additional trails. Download the map.
    Tomorrow River State Trail – 30 miles, abandoned railroad corridor through rural landscapes. Download the map.
    Standing Rocks Park – 23 miles, plenty of climbs, roots and rocks that wind through the wooded park, which is situated on 524 acres. Download the map.

Regardless of your riding level, Wisconsin provides a plethora of fun, healthy bicycling experiences to be enjoyed by everyone in the family. We are, after all, America’s Bicycleland! A few other places we’ve biked over the years include Burlington, Jefferson County, Menomonie and more. Got a fave? Leave a comment below.

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