Slow Down in Calumet County

Hailey Rose

October 2, 2023

Photo Credit: Ariens Co Hospitality

Are you seeking a change of pace? Calumet County is the ideal location for you to slow down and take in every moment. Offering endless opportunities to relax and reminisce in the little things, there’s no better place to enhance your quality of life. Keep reading and uncover ways you can celebrate life from starting a new chapter and getting outside to enjoying exciting events and dining at delicious restaurants. 

Starting a New Chapter

Photo Credit: Ariens Co Hospitality

If you’re looking for a calm and charming lifestyle, Calumet County is the community for you to begin the next chapter. The best part? You’ll have a beautiful start at any of Calumet County’s stunning wedding venues. 

Discover Brindlewood Barn–a newly renovated barn with a mix of modern and its original, rustic feel. Inside the barn, you’ll find magic, twinkling lights that set the tone for the fairytale wedding of your dreams while outside provides plentiful space to fit your whole guest list. Spread out and sit by the bonfire, stand on the barn’s attached decks, or chit-chat in the vast yard.

Another dreamy gem is Carsten’s Mill–where your special day will surely go down in history. This historical and breathtaking venue dates back to 1898 when it set a record as the tallest building in the entire county. Because it once operated as a mill, there are still amazing artifacts that only add to its distinct decor.

Ariens Co Hospitality also offers two sites to start your beginning–Round Lake Farms and Stone Prairie. Round Lake Farms is both a special and scenic spot set on a hillside and a lake backdrop. Stone Prairie, on the other hand, is situated at the heart of an immaculate nature preserve. On-site, a greenhouse flourishes with abundant plants and budding flowers–the perfect example of a new quality of life to come in Calumet County.

For more details on Calumet County’s striking wedding venues, read our blog, ‘Calumet County: A Dream Wedding Destination’ and watch, ‘Destination Wedding: Calumet County’ below to see its sheer and utter beauty:

Getting Outside

Photo Credit: Travel Calumet

Acclaimed to have one of the most spectacular and scenic landscapes in the state, Calumet County is ideal for slowing down and taking in every moment while marveling at the wonders of our world.

Soak up the sun and find your serenity in the great outdoors, especially during the summer and spring months. Go on an adventure, whether you explore on the numerous trails, hit the links, splash in the water, or weave through the caves, there’s a little something for everyone. Lucky for you, we’ve got an outdoor adventure guide just for you.

Escape for a weekend and make memories of a lifetime on an unforgettable camping trip in Calumet County’s best and beautiful campgrounds. From High Cliff State Park and Calumet County Park to Lakeview RV Park and Cabins, there’s so many nooks to hide away and take in life’s most precious moments. Uncover more hotspots here.

While the spring and summer sun provides warmth to each day, there’s a sense of tranquility in the cool, colorful fall and chilly winter. In fall, there’s bountiful farm fun, and in winter, many new traditions surface–especially on the frozen waters of Lake Winnebago–that only enhance your quality of life by spending quality time with the people you love most. Strengthen yours in every season with this ultimate guide

Enjoying Exciting Events

Photo Credit: Mulberry Lane Farm

All year round, Calumet County offers an amazing quality of life through several exciting and extravagant events. From summer entertainment and fall festivities to annual winter activities, you’ll find your slower pace and enjoy life’s littlest things in no time.

Spend your summers outdoors, whether you’re in on the action or watching from the sidelines, every second counts. For exercise enthusiasts, participate in the Cliff Runner 10k or High Cliff Ultra. If sit-back-and-relaxing is more your speed, enjoy endless entertainment every Thursday at Chilton City Band’s Summer in the Park Concert Series.

Head out to the farm for the fall and have fun with your favorite crew! Take your family and friends to the Pumpkin Harvest Celebration. Keep the good times moving with the Pumpkin Walk at Brillion Nature Center. The festivities don’t stop there… It’s just getting started!

When the first snowflakes begin to fall, Calumet County turns the corner into a winter packed with holiday joy and seasoned traditions. Get into the uplifting spirit at The North Pole Christmas Village! Another spectacular showcase that will simply elevate your quality of life is at the various light shows that surround Christmas including High Cliff Studio Holiday Show. Later in the season, traditions stand strong at the many sturgeon spearing events

This upcoming year, put your quality of life first and enjoy Calumet’s top events in any weather. Read ‘Calumet County’s Top Events to Attend This Year’ today.

Dining at Delicious Restaurants

Photo Credit: Travel Calumet

Another major place to build cherished moments and live life at a slower pace is within the warm, inviting ambiance of a true Wisconsin supper club–the definition of hospitality–and Calumet County’s best breweries.

Home to 8 supper clubs, Calumet County is accredited as the Supper Club Capital of the Midwest. Choose from their savory specials, classic Wisconsin dishes, and top it off with an indulgent dessert. Supper clubs aren’t just about the meal, it’s about the experience–providing you with high-quality foods and the highest quality of life. Learn more about Calumet’s esteemed supper club history here.

To experience Calumet County’s comradery, the local breweries are just you. Brewing since 1990, Rowland’s Calumet Brewing Company is all about experience. With 35 flavors of beer, including specialty and seasonal brews, it’s a go-to for you and your crew. Every moment matters–elevate your quality of life and getaway to Calumet County, even if it’s just for a weekend. Click here and see.

The Quality of Life in Calumet County

Now that you know the numerous ways to slow down in Calumet County, there are also many opportunities to push you towards settling down in this incredible community. For one, there are amazing occupations to pursue. The top 3 are:

-Production Occupations

-Office and Administrative Support Occupations

-Sales and Related Occupations 

Calumet County has several occupations as well as support for businesses. If you’re looking to start a business venture, join an existing, or in need of business support, Calumet County has resources for you.

Dedicated to supporting the entire community, Calumet County has recently initiated an Economic Development Program to tend to the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities. 

Your slower change of pace awaits in Calumet County. Visit for a long vacation or make the move and take in life’s most precious moments. Whether you’re looking to start a new chapter, get outdoors, enjoy events of the season, or dine at the best-of-the-best restaurants, Calumet County is home to a plethora of ways that you can enhance your quality of life.

Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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