Spending A Family Weekend in Menomonie

Hailey Rose

July 31, 2023

Photo Credit: Explore Menomonie

Menomonie, Wisconsin is certainly a charming city. But beyond its charming feel, it is a magical and memorable getaway for the whole family. Whether you tour the town, visit the numerous indoor attractions, or enjoy Menomonie’s endless outdoor fun, you’ll make many unforgettable memories along the way. Grab your crew, there’s lots to do! 

Touring the Town

Photo Credit: Explore Menomonie

Up for a unique tour around town? Menomonie is home to many–making it the ultimate family destination. With a variety of fun features, from sculptures to breweries, there’s a little something in store for everyone to enjoy. 

For the kiddos, embark on an epic exploration uncovering the spectacular sculptures that are scattered all throughout town from city streets to scenic parks on The Menomonie Sculpture Tour! As one of Menomonie’s most well-known sights, it’s a definite must-see during your weekend stay. 

As for the adults, hop aboard for the ultimate brewery tour that stops by the best of the best in town. First stop, downtown Menomonie where 6th Avenue Cidery and Brewery Nonic take the spotlight. At 6th Avenue Cidery, enjoy hand-crafted cocktails and freshly brewed ciders. Across the way at Brewery Nonic, get a glimpse into the community’s comradery while sipping on a high-quality beer of choice. 

But the brewery tour doesn’t stop there. Nearby the Red Cedar Bike Trail lies another local hotspot–Lucette Brewing Company–that takes pride in their craft brews and Wisconsin traditions. Last but not least, end the tour at Zymurgy Brewing Company where you can taste test in the taproom to find your new favorite blend.

Indoor Attractions

Photo Credit: Explore Menomonie

While the tours may be over, the family fun is just getting started here in Menomonie! There’s a plethora of indoor attractions that are well worth the visit, especially on rainy days. Hop from downtown shops to historical sites–like museums and a grand theater. 

First on the list, a family favorite–C&J’s Candy Store & Scoop Shoppe–located in the heart of the city! To satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, they carry an assortment of sweets, candies, snacks, and even ice cream you can only find at C&J’s. And that’s only a taste of the mouth-watering, magical goodness in store. You won’t believe it until you see it.

Not only is Menomonie rich in sweets, it’s rich in history. There’s no better way to learn about the city’s fascinating past than at one of Menomonie’s most astounding museums, especially The Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum. This is no ordinary museum. The Dunn County Historical Society has created a captivating experience that will intrigue and inspire the whole family.

Another historic and world-famous gem to see is the Mabel Tainter Theater, which dates back to the year 1889 when its construction first began. In addition to hosting several amazing performances each year–from comedic to musical productions–families have the opportunity to tour the Victorian-style building while learning the backstory behind the Tainter family and community of Menomonie.

Outdoor Fun

Photo Credit: Explore Menomonie

Menomonie’s indoor attractions are certainly awe-inspiring, but the surrounding outdoors calls for an overload of family fun! On sunny days, enjoy events and explorations in the warm rays. From celebrating underneath the colorful canopy to trekking through the vast wilderness, there’s tons of fun ahead.

Start off your joy-filled journey at the fall event of the season–Fall Fun at Govin’s Farm! I promise it will be a hit. Navigating through an 11-acre corn maze, picking pumpkins fresh from the patch, and playing yard games are only a few of the family favorites you’ll surely fall in love with.

Aside from the memory-making events that the seasons bring, there’s many unforgettable biking and hiking trips to take as a family during your weekend stay in Menomonie. Explore the breathtaking biking trails in the area including the Red Cedar State Trail and the beautiful Lake Menomin Loop

By foot, hike along the Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area, which offers over 700 acres of adventure that reaches an all-time high! Trek through the vast landscape, consisting of wooded hills, wetlands, and picturesque prairie lands. To top it off, climb to the very top of a 60-foot-tall observation tower, which showcases unbeatable views of Dunn County from above.

Now are you ready to get away for the weekend? An unforgettable trip to Menomonie awaits! Among the many things to do, tour the charming town, visit the countless indoor attractions, and even enjoy the never-ending outdoor fun. Make new family memories that will last a lifetime in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

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