The Best of 2020 on The Cabin Podcast

Kortnee Hass

December 31, 2020

2020 has been a lot of things…including the launch of The Cabin Podcast! This brand new endeavor for the Discover Wisconsin crew was fun, exciting, challenging, and allowed us to branch out in Wisconsin in all new ways. As we come to the end of the year, the Cabin Crew is bringing you a review of the top 10 most downloaded podcast episodes of 2020. Check them all out! 

#10: Episode 36 – Brew-Sconsin: The State’s Top Breweries 

Here’s what’s on tap this week on The Cabin Pod: breweries! From hidden gem craft breweries to some of Wisconsin’s most iconic destinations, we’re trekking the state in honor of all you beer connoisseurs! Tune in to “Brew-Sconsin” to find out if your favorite Wisconsin brews and brewery tours made our list.

#9: Episode 25 – Wisconsin Camping Destinations 

Camping: social distancing before social distancing was cool. Our (highly anticipated) Campfire Conversation this week will cover some of our hosts’ favorite camping destinations in Wisconsin. This episode’s behind-the-scenes segment is led by our very own Audio Dave! We’re breaking down audio engineering:  What is it? How do you do it? And what should you notice when you watch (and listen) to an episode of Discover Wisconsin?

#8: Episode 26 – Wisconsin Deep Dive: Door County

Tourism in Door County certainly booms in the summer months and is without a doubt, a favorite spot for a weekend getaway. This week our Campfire Conversation takes us on a deep dive into our hosts’ favorite spots to eat, play and explore across this iconic peninsula. 

#7: Episode 41 – Welcome to the Northwoods

It’s election day and we’ve decided to have a debate of our own, the great Northwoods debate that is. A controversial topic that needs to be settled: where does the Wisconsin Northwoods begin? Beyond that, we’re covering some of our own ‘Up North’ memories, hot spots, and recommendations for every season.

#6: Episode 40 – Wisconsin Ghost Towns

This week brings us the third and final edition of Haunted Wisconsin! From weird and random to downright spooky, we’re taking you on a virtual road-trip through Wisconsin’s Ghost Towns. Buckle up as we wander through the site of Wisconsin’s first capitol, a haunted village in Dunn County and a sweet little spot called Sugar Bush. The residents may be long gone in most of these Wisconsin Ghost Towns but the fascinating stories remain!

#5: Episode 34 – Fall Day Trips in Wisconsin

Hayrides, apple orchards, pumpkin patches…it must be fall in Wisconsin! Our Campfire Conversation is covering our top recommendations for fall day trips throughout the state. We learn Mariah is addicted to apple cider donuts and Eric knows where to find a medieval pumpkin chucker in Wisconsin. (Note: No pumpkins were harmed in the making of this episode.)  

#4: Episode 37 – Wisconsin’s Best Bites: Supper Club Edition

Dim the lights and cue the big band music: We’re talking SUPPER CLUBS! Our “Wisconsin’s Best Bites” series is back with this highly requested topic. Whether you’re after the best Brandy Old-Fashioneds, Friday Night Fish Fries or fantastic date night views, add this episode to your list and turn up the volume. We’re also going behind-the-scenes with a Season 33 episode of Discover Wisconsin; tune in as we take you through the life and history of the Oneida Nation.

#3: Episode 33 – Scenic Wisconsin Drives for Fall Colors

Light that fall-scented candle, throw on your favorite sweater and sip a PSL as The Cabin crew shares some of the top routes in Wisconsin for gorgeous fall colors! We’re crisscrossing the state to bring you Wisconsin’s legendary byways and hidden gem rustic roads. Plus, the behind-the-scenes segment is back as we dive into a brand new episode of Discover Wisconsin featuring an iconic Northwoods destination: Minocqua!

#2: Episode 39 – Unsolved Mysteries in Wisconsin

We’re back with volume 2 of Haunted Wisconsin! This week we’re covering some strange happenings that remain unsolved…are you ready? If you scare easily, don’t worry! We’ll end this episode with a lighthearted trip to the Menomonie area because the behind-the-scenes segment is back and we’re joined by Discover Wisconsin videographer, Andrew Natvig. 

#1: Episode 38 – Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Places

Gather ‘round the Ouija board for The Cabin Podcast’s all-time most popular episode: it’s volume 1 of Haunted Wisconsin! We’re leaning into the spooky history of the state and bringing you some of the most bone-chilling mysteries, conspiracy theories, and other ghostly tales. In this episode of The Cabin Pod, we explore some of the most haunted places in Wisconsin! 

The Cabin Crew can’t wait to bring you more episodes exploring the best of Wisconsin in 2021! What topics do you want to see discussed on the show? Let us know in the comments below!

Susan Fochs: Marketing Coordinator for Discover Mediaworks. A self-proclaimed non-profit aficionado, coffee connoisseur, marketing nerd, and lover of all things Wisconsin.

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