The True Thanksgiving Meal – Made in Wisconsin

Hailey Rose

October 31, 2023

Photo Credit: Old Glory Farm via Facebook

Thanksgiving is almost here and there’s a lot to be grateful for, especially our homegrown Wisconsin foods. This Thanksgiving season, we’re partnering with the Wisconsin Counties Association and spilling where you can find the go-to classics, from homemade pies and fresh cranberries to the finest turkey in the state. You will be thanking us later…

Homemade Pies

Photo Credit: Sweetie Pies via Facebook

The sweetest staple of Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the indulgent pies. Everyone’s got their favorite, whether you’re an apple, cherry, or even a pumpkin fan. No matter what your favorites are, these Wisconsin bakeries will have exactly what you’re looking for and even more.

Known for their award-winning pies, Norske Nook is recognized as one of Wisconsin’s best bakeries. Fresh from the oven and made from scratch, they offer a wide variety of flavors, ranging from classic twists to unique combinations–if you’re feeling festive! To name a few, pick up a blueberry, pumpkin cream cheese, pecan, or all of the pies above! And be sure to save room for the pie of the month. With locations in Trempealeau, Barron, and Dane counties, there’s a homemade pie baked by hand, made with love, and waiting for you.

It doesn’t get any sweeter than Sweetie Pies, home to Door County, Wisconsin. Each pie crust is hand rolled to perfection and filled with fresh, locally sourced fruits. In fact, their cherries are just right around the corner from Hyline Orchard. If you’re a classic cherry pie fan, Sweetie Pies is the place for you. Afterall, cherries are a Door County special. This Thanksgiving, try an apple-cherry, cherry rhubarb, or even peach-cherry. These are only a few…there are far more in store! Swing by or order online to see their sweet, steaming selection.

We couldn’t forget about Elsie Mae’s, a mouth-watering bakery and cannery located in the heart of Racine County. Utilizing ingredients from local farmers, they take pride in their all-Wisconsin pies. During the holiday season, Elsie Mae’s creates more fall flavors than you can imagine, whether it’s maple cranberry or everything pumpkin. For more incredible Wisconsin bakeries, check out our blog ‘6 of Wisconsin’s Best Pie Shops’ here.

Fresh Cranberries

Photo Credit: Wetherby Cranberry Company

Cranberries are as iconic to Thanksgiving as they are to Wisconsin. We not only claim cranberries as our official state fruit, but also carry the title of the #1 cranberry producer in the world, supplying 60% of the nation’s cranberries! It’s safe to say there’s plenty to go around for this year’s Thanksgiving. Here’s where to find the best batches across the state:

First, Wetherby Cranberry Company in Monroe County. Founded in 1903, this fifth-generation cranberry farm produces only the finest and freshest cranberries for you. Take your pick and purchase a fresh batch of cranberries by the bag, sweetened and dried cranberries by container, or gift box for all of the above–including a recipe book that just may have your new favorite Thanksgiving recipe. Learn more about the traditions of Wetherby Cranberry here

Second, Bennett Cranberry Company in Wood County–the heart of Cranberry Country. Bennett Cranberry Company is family owned and operated since 1873. With endless marshes and beds, the cranberries are abundant. As a perennial crop, they grow fresh each year and are harvested during their prime, peak season–autumn. For a sneak peak at their cranberries and inspirational ideas for this Thanksgiving’s cranberry treat, click here

Third, Lake Nokomis Cranberries in Vilas County. Purchased and renamed in 1977, the farm has 320 producing acres of cranberries. While quantity is important, especially shopping for the holidays, they’re all about quality. Choose from their wide range of cranberry products, from frozen cranberries to flavored sweetened and dried cranberries. It will surely be a hit this upcoming holiday.

The Finest Turkey

Photo Credit: Nueske’s

Onto the main course! It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey. You deserve the best of the best. Luckily for you, Wisconsin is the perfect place. Scattered throughout the state, there are a plethora of places where you can find this year’s tasty turkey, including Elkhorn, Brodhead, and Wittenberg.

In the Southeast corner of the state, Walworth County is home to Old Glory Farm–known for having the best turkey in town and has even been awarded for best turkey in show in all of Walworth County! Taste the difference in their locally raised and all-natural turkeys. Their free range turkeys are born and raised on an all-natural diet, which means more juicy flavor. The best part? Order ahead and get your turkey fresh for Thanksgiving Day. 

Another farm favorite in Brodhead, situated between Green and Rock counties, is Riemer Family Farm, who specialize in Thanksgiving turkeys. Riemer Family Farm humanely produces both high quality and flavorful turkeys each year for family and friends to enjoy as they gather together with gratitude. Reserve your Riemer turkey before they’re gone!

It wouldn’t be a true Wisconsin main course if we didn’t mention Nueske’s in Shawano County. You may know Nueske’s for their bacon, ham, or sausages, but did you know they produce a mouth-watering turkey? The secrets out! With a variety of flavors, from applewood smoked to honey glazed, and cut choices of boneless, sliced, or whole, Nueske’s goes all out. Dine delicious this Thanksgiving with Nueske’s special and scrumptious poultry.

Wisconsin Thanksgiving’s are surely something special with all the homegrown essentials including handmade pies, freshly picked cranberries, and the tastiest turkeys of all. On behalf of the Wisconsin Counties Association and us, we thank all the Wisconsin farmers and producers for providing us the most remarkable meal of the season. Now go enjoy and happy Thanksgiving from us to you!

Don’t forget to tell us your favorites in the comments below!

*This article is brought to you with support from the Wisconsin Counties Association.

Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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