Turning a New Leaf: Seeing the Fall Foliage

Hailey Rose

September 26, 2023

Photo Credit: Bayfield Chamber of Commerce via Instagram

With summer coming to an end, it creates the perfect chance for a fresh start. This fall, turn a new leaf and gain inspiration from Wisconsin’s picturesque, colorful landscapes. Go on a solo mission or make it a family experience to see the fall foliage in Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western, and Central Wisconsin. Come along and find your joy in this vibrant journey.

Northern Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore via Facebook

Let’s begin in beautiful Northern Wisconsin where the wilderness is vast and abundant, providing endless opportunities to explore and recharge under the colorful canopy. 

Famous to the Northern Wisconsin region, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is beautiful in every season, especially during autumn. The views are beyond breathtaking with the foliage accenting the shores’ unique rocky features and reflecting off Lake Superior’s rippling surface. Whether you view the vibrant leaves from afar on the mainland or make the journey to the islands, the amazing colors will refresh your mentality to conquer the rest of the year.

Another magical and motivational hotspot is Copper Falls State Park in Mellen, recognized as one of Wisconsin’s most scenic parks. Overflowing with waterfalls, Loon Lake, and spectacular surrounding wilderness, there’s a plethora of points to see the scenery. Hike, bike, or paddle around the park and discover a newfound happiness beneath the red and golden hues. 

Home to Superior, Pattison State Park also showcases many magnificent Wisconsin waterfalls–including some of the highest in the state measuring up to 165 feet high! Of course, its beauty shines year round, but fall in Pattison is truly remarkable. A visit to this idyllic and serene spot will be just what you need to renew as a new season begins.

Eastern Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Wisconsin DNR

We’re off to the eastern edge of Wisconsin that holds several scenic waterways–Lake Winnebago, Elkhart Lake, and Lake Michigan–all exquisite escapes for a new beginning amongst the waves.

Up first, High Cliff State Park, situated on Lake Winnebago–Wisconsin’s largest lake! During the fall, the bright, fall foliage not only surrounds the lakeshore, but also climbs along the Niagara Escarpment. Take in all the views while enjoying the endless recreational activities on site ranging from hiking to fishing. 

When you’re in the eastern region of the state, check out Elkhart Lake for a revitalizing experience like never before. Paddle around the lake for 360 degree views of bold hues or reach an all-time high 80 feet in the sky at Marsh Park Observation Tower. With exuberant colors galore, you’ll soon feel recharged and ready for the fall season ahead.

At Peninsula State Park, admire more of autumn’s amazing colors encompassing Lake Michigan. For a greater vantage point, Eagle Tower offers a bird’s eye view of the picturesque paradise below featuring the scenic shoreline and Wisconsin’s islands off in the horizon. There’s no better place to turn a new leaf.

Southern Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Lake Geneva Cruise Line via Facebook

Next stop: southern Wisconsin! Join us as we tour through the most gorgeous gems of the region. From state parks to forests and lakes, the autumn glow will undoubtedly ignite a positive spark within.

In Baraboo, set off on a joy-filled jaunt through Devil’s Lake State Park, located along the world-renowned Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Trek up the rocky ridge for an incredible panorama of the fall foliage circling a peaceful lake below. It’s truly a picture-perfect sight to hit the reset button.

Another great southern Wisconsin location to clear your head and refocus is the Kettle Moraine State Forest Northern Unit. The Kettle Moraine State Forest Northern Unit is the first and largest of the entire state forest and boasts in its pristine 30,000 acres where visitors can swim, bike, hike, or simply escape under the rich and radiant tree cover on a rejuvenating journey.

Lastly, head to Lake Geneva for the ultimate, refreshing fall getaway. One of the greatest ways to see Lake Geneva during the fall is by water on Geneva Lake with an unforgettable, colorful cruise. Lake Geneva Cruise Line offers a variety of cruises you can choose that will each give you an unmatched autumn experience, encourage you to re-energize, and bring nothing but good vibes.

Western Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Great River Road

Hop back on the highway and travel to western Wisconsin for more fantastic fall colors and inspiring experiences to enjoy at the start of the season.

A must-see on the western rim are the views while driving on Wisconsin’s Great River Road. As you make your way down the scenic byway, soak up the radiant greenery that lights up the winding road. Marvel in its beauty along the peaceful pathway and rekindle a newfound sense of hope and positivity. 

Keep the optimism culminating and continue your journey at Perrot State Park–1,200 acres of lush landscape filled with leaves illuminating the bluffs and the confluence of the Trempealeau and Mississippi Rivers. These prime autumn river views will leave you in awe and full of inspiration to change gears for the good.

Five Mile Bluff Prairie State Natural Area offers its own captivating, colorful river views of the Chippewa and Mississippi Rivers from a unique vantage point. See the scenery on the top of 300-foot high bluffs in a pleasant prairie–perfect for regenerating and maintaining your new, promising mindset.

Central Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Granite Peak Ski Resort via Facebook

Last but not least, we’ve arrived in central Wisconsin–home to outstanding overlooks and opportunities to see the foliage and unlock a new and improved you.

Begin to feel on top of the world at Timm’s Hill–the tallest point in Wisconsin! On site, climb the observation tower and take in a 30-mile radius of vivid views. Visitors can also enjoy multi-use trails and explore by foot, bike, or even horseback. True tranquility awaits. 

Central Wisconsin is also home to Rib Mountain State Park where you can relish in life’s most picturesque views, whether you like to be on the move or relax under the golden tree tops, there’s a little something for everyone to love. Hike or picnic beneath the scenic shades. It’s a magical spot on Earth.

Granite Peak Ski Area also adds its own magical charm to the fall setting with a special experience like none other. Ride the chairlift in the crisp, autumn air and cherish the colors of the season. Not only will you see the scenery in an all new way, but also begin to see a new perspective in life today.

Take advantage of this gorgeous fall season and turn a leaf in your life for the better. As the leaves radiate with awe-inspiring color all across the state, whether you’re exploring Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western, or Central Wisconsin, retrieve a new mindset of positivity and motivation. Your life-changing journey is just around the corner.

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Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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