2020 Season - Episode 7

In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, hosts Mariah Haberman and Marie Justice head to the city of Beloit; a city that has undergone a major transformation in recent years! First we check out some of the new places that have popped up in Beloit, including Hotel Goodwin, Velvet Buffalo Cafe, Truk’t, and the city’s first craft brewery, G5 Brewing Company. Marie takes time to explore the beautiful Beloit College campus, which houses two museums, free and open to the public. We also stop by the Beloit Art Center, enjoy a concert with the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra, and experience the the Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF). Above all, Beloit is a place where you can have FUN, no matter how you define the word. There are events, like the Beloit Dirty Dash and downtown’s Spring Wine Walk, and places, like the Ironworks Golf Lab and the Rock Bar and Grill. Take a trip down river on a guided excursion with the Paddle Adventure Club, or test your nerves for the experience of a lifetime at Skydive the Rock. Beloit is all about embracing the new, the creative, the adventurous, and above all, a new perspective. Come see for yourself!


  • Beloit

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