2020 Season - Episode 13

In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, hosts Mariah Haberman and Eric Paulsen explore a city in southwest Wisconsin that is full of history and heart: Dodgeville. After learning a little about the city’s history, Mariah heads to Folklore Village to participate in their Fall Swedish Festival. Meanwhile, Eric visits the family-run Walnut Hollow to learn about their business, and get a lesson in wood burning. We also introduce you to a great selection of other local restaurants and businesses, including the popular Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ, Quality Bakery, Cobblestone Coffee, Duke’s Brewpub and Alehouse, and the retail-giant Lands’ End. Not far from town, a variety of recreation opportunities can be found in one of Wisconsin’s favorite state parks, Governor Dodge. There’s also the beautiful Bloomfield Prairie, and the Military Ridge Bike Trail, which connects Dodgeville to the rest of southern Wisconsin. Back in town, we stop by the offices of the Dodgeville Chronicle, a newspaper that first hit the streets in 1862. Finally, we hit up local events including Dodgefest, the Lands’ End Summer Concert Series, and the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship. There’s something about Dodgeville that draws you in and makes you feel at home. It’s beautiful, friendly, historic, and just waiting to be discovered!


  • Dodgeville

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