Fort Atkinson

2020 Season - Episode 18

In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, host Mariah Haberman takes us to a city rich in history and full of surprises: Fort Atkinson. Located in Jefferson County, less than an hour from Madison and Janesville, Fort Atkinson offers visitors a charming, small-town atmosphere, and lots of options when it comes to entertainment and dining. Mariah begins by visiting some of the city’s historic landmarks including a panther intaglio mound, a replica of the Fort the town is named after, and the city’s iconic 1901 water tower. She also explores the Glacial River Bike Trail, including a stop at Jones Market and Dairy Bar, before heading out for a pontoon float on a Lake Koshkonong. Fort Atkinson is both ag-focused and family friendly, as evidenced by places like Poyer Orchards Farm Market, also known as, “The Pie Place,” where you can find delicious pies made from scratch. Mariah also learns a thing or two about growing (and eating) blueberries at Steffen’s Orchard. We also visit hometown favorite places like Haumerson’s Pond, the Stagecoach Inn, The Fireside Theatre, and Cafe Carpe. When you visit Fort Atkinson, you’ll find countless experiences and businesses that really embody the spirit of the community, which is friendly, interesting, beautiful, and all around feel-good fun.


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