2020 Season - Episode 2

In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, hosts Mariah Haberman and Collin Geraghty experience the city of Menomonie during all four seasons. In the summer, Mariah drinks Old Fashioneds on the gorgeous, waterfront deck at Jake’s Supper Club before spending a Friday night at Red Cedar Speedway and checking out the Lake Menomin WaterX event. As Fall approaches, the city pops with color and the UW Stout campus bustles with activity as students return for the year. Collin joins a group of these students to go disc golfing on two of Menomonie’s beautiful courses. When the temps drop and the snow begins to fall, there’s still plenty to keep you busy in Menomonie! Mariah takes in a show at the historic Mabel Tainter theater, and tries her hand at shooting five stand at Whispering Emerald Ridge Game Farm. In the spring, Collin beholds new life at Govin’s Farm as they welcome all kinds of baby animals that visitors can enjoy. We also pop into Zymurgy Brewing Company, to get a taste of Menomonie’s craft beer scene, and one of the area’s four golf courses. All in all, Menomonie is fun, delicious, exciting, unpredictable, beautiful, and best of all, it’s all year long!


  • Menomonie

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