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#1 Supper Club in the Midwest: Behind the Counter

February 29, 2024

Sauk County is home to the #1 Supper Club in the Midwest, Ishnala Supper Club. Ishnala is surrounded by tall pines and overlooks the stunning Mirror Lake in Mirror Lake State Park. From the rich history dating back to 1826 to what Ishnala is known as today, you will be sure to experience gorgeous views, delicious dishes, enjoy the nature-filled surroundings of the dense woods, and have exceptional service when dining at this classic Wisconsin supper club.

In this docu-series, we take a look behind the counter to see all of the work that goes into producing the quality and quantity that the supper club has maintained for many years. On average, Ishnala serves 500 to 600 people per night and that doesn’t come from some small feat. Employees at Ishnala start their day as early as 7 am in the kitchen cutting steaks, prepping food, and preparing for the guests. Once 4 pm hits, the teamwork continues across the entire supper club to satisfy each and every guest that dines that night at Ishnala. From the chefs in the kitchen and servers on the floor to the management team and ownership, Ishnala’s employees are integral to the success of serving every customer that comes through their doors. “It’s not the number of people we serve, it is the number of people we please.”

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00:00 Introduction
00:19 Ishnala Experience
01:16 Serving 500 People
02:20 Inside the Kitchen
03:18 Relax & Unplug
03:51 The Ribeye
04:10 Teamwork & Perfection
05:29 Sauk County Setting

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