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Barn Restoration: Music Before the Making

February 29, 2024

You just never know what pocket of the country you might find the next big star… Those who may venture out of bigger cities to make their music may stumble upon a truly unique Wisconsin gem in Monroe county, a barn studio.

Engineer, mixer, and producer, Sean Truskowski has an elaborate past in the music industry working with some of the biggest names in the industry including those such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Garth Brooks. Now, Sean has settled into the small town of Sparta in Monroe County with the goal to create a space for artists to get away from the noise of everyday life, and concentrate on their craft.

In this docu-series, we take you on a tour of the farm, inside the unique barn studio, and you’ll even get to see many of the people who work hard behind the scenes on their music as well as the owners of this unique gem. We are able to truly shine a light on this music scene right here in Monroe County, Wisconsin.

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 Pat Watters Band
01:20 The Beginning
02:00 Recording Studio
02:36 Using the Space
04:00 Sean’s Dream
05:19 Conclusion

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