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Discover Wisconsin: Door County-Live Life Well

February 29, 2024

In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, Collin and Mariah head up to the Door County Peninsula and Washington Island to take in the incredible sights, tastes, and experiences that make this area a favorite Wisconsin vacation spot. In the Village of Ephraim Mariah goes gallery hopping, tries parasailing, and enjoys unparalleled sunset views.

Collin heads to the theater at two spectacular Door County venues – Peninsula Players Theatre and Northern Sky Theater. He also learns how to roast coffee at Door County Coffee, a perfect spot to stop and enjoy a great meal and some fantastic coffee.

Mariah concludes our trip on Washington Island, where she visits Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm. Here visitors can experience stunning fields of purple and the wonderful aroma of thousands of blooming lavender plants. Come along with us as we live life well in Door County!

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