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Ice-Fishing | Know Your Wisconsin

February 29, 2024

During the coldest months, when the temperature drops to freezing, most Wisconsin anglers can be found on one of the many frozen Wisconsin lakes doing their best to catch those elusive swimmers. Ice fishing is another fun, albeit chilly, way to enjoy the outdoors during the cold winter months.

This activity is a favorite of many die-hard anglers, as it gives Wisconsinites and visitors alike the freedom to fish on parts of the lake they otherwise couldn’t access in a boat. Thanks to this increased visibility, fishermen can pinpoint the fish and hopefully see greater success. Though, that doesn’t necessarily make the fishing any easier. Many ice fishermen will tell you fishing on a frozen lake is a lot harder than on open water, but that doesn’t stop folks from enjoying the sport year after year. Nearly a quarter of all fish caught in Wisconsin each year are hooked through the ice.

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