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Janesville: Getting Outside with Footgolf & Pickleball (Segment)

February 29, 2024

The city of Janesville is aptly known as Wisconsin’s Great Outside. Adventure, culture, accessibility, and over 26 hundred acres of parkland make Janesville the perfect destination for families of all shapes and sizes. In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, we follow four families through four seasons of fun in Janesville.

Over time, Janesville has acquired the reputation of being an active community that enjoys time spent outside. The Southern Wisconsin city is the perfect place for seeking out new, exciting ways to get your body moving, two of which are footgolf and pickleball. Black Hawk Golf Course hosts footgolf right alongside its traditional counterpart. Footgolf is the perfect activity for all families, being that the activity is fitting for people of all ages and skill levels. Browse the opportunities Black Hawk Golf Course has to offer: http://www.janesvilleblackhawk.com

Similarly, Janesville Riverside Park is an exciting location for exploring the unique sport of pickleball. Home to the Janesville Pickleball Club, Janesville Riverside Park offers pickleball lessons and games all week, allowing individuals to not only move their bodies but experience the camaraderie and enjoyment of the sport’s community. Looking to visit? See the park for yourself: http://www.janesvillecvb.com/recreation/details/4372/216102/Riverside_Park

No matter what your family looks like, and no matter the season, Janesville is the perfect Southern Wisconsin destination!

Explore more in the full episode: https://youtu.be/QJKQ10h2344

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