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Janesville: Skelly & Daluge Family Farms (Segment)

February 29, 2024

Janesville: Skelly & Daluge Family Farms (Segment)

The city of Janesville is aptly known as Wisconsin’s Great Outside. Adventure, culture, accessibility, and over 26 hundred acres of parkland make Janesville the perfect destination for families of all shapes and sizes. In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, we follow four families through four seasons of fun in Janesville.

Janesville has a long, notable history of farming that has grown in the hands of its founding families. One particular family, the Skelly family, began farming the area in the mid-1840s and now obtains what is a flourishing, family business. What started as a traditional farm offering dairy and cash crops is now an interactive, year-round farm market offering an array of family-friendly activities and delicious produce and bakery goods. From picking strawberries in the summer to selecting the perfect pumpkin on the farm, the Skelly Farm is the perfect Janesville destination for year-round festivities. Browse the activities and products Skelly Farm has to offer here: http://www.skellysfarmmarket.com

The Daluge farm is yet another alluring Janesville spot, being a fifth-generation family Janesville dairy farm. Visiting the Daluge farm is a charming experience for families, allowing visitors to interact with cows and learn about where their food comes from and the work it takes to produce the highest quality of dairy. If you’re looking to visit or learn more about Daluge farm, check it out here: dalugefarminc.org

No matter what your family looks like, and no matter the season, Janesville is the perfect Southern Wisconsin destination!

Explore more in the full episode: https://youtu.be/QJKQ10h2344

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