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Know Your Wisconsin: Prime Location & Climate Make WI a Winter Sports Mecca for Olympic Athletes

February 29, 2024

Wisconsinites are known for embracing hearty winters and enjoying all kinds of winter activities, which is what gave the state its reputation as a winter sports mecca. Many Olympic winter athletes come to Wisconsin for training, and some athletes even call the state home.

Randy Dean’s passion for Wisconsin sports led to his appointment as Executive Director of the world-renowned Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee County in 2010. The Pettit Center is a training ground for Olympic speedskating and was made into the training ground for the 2018 Winter Olympics. U.S. Olympic speed skaters such as Bonnie Blair, Dan Jansen, Chris Witty, Shani Davis and more have all competed or trained at the Pettit Center.

In addition, Dane County is the proud home of brother and sister U.S. Olympic curling teammates, Becca and Matt Hamilton. The brother-sister powerhouse competed in the last Winter Olympics held in PeongChang, further solidifying Wisconsin’s reputation as a hub for winter athletes.

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