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Most Relaxing Wisconsin Waterfalls for Ambient Background Scenery

February 29, 2024

Most Relaxing Wisconsin Waterfalls for Ambient Background Scenery

Discover Wisconsin invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your busy day and enjoy the soothing views and sounds of these most relaxing Wisconsin waterfalls. Wisconsin has more than 40 major waterfalls, and while these are not the highest drops, they are some of the most favorite across the state. Let us know your favorite Wisconsin waterfalls in the COMMENTS below.

Melt away stress and calm your day with this 20-minute ambient background scenery of slow tv and soothing music set to rushing water or streams over rocks amidst beautiful Wisconsin nature, trees, bridges, and peaceful landscapes. A non-intrusive background video to add a moment of zen, mindfulness, and meditation to your day.

Spring is the best time to check out these waterfalls in person, but in the meantime, enjoy these six relaxing waterfalls from the convenience of your screen.

Dave’s Falls. A 15-foot drop within the Pike River, located in Amberg, WI. This waterfall and surrounding rocks add immense interest of the area as a choice destination for Spring hikers. Legend has it that this was a part of the river trail which helped bring logs to their final destinations. [45.49611N 87.98861W]

Lost Creek Falls. A 15-foot drop within the Lost Creek located in Cornucopia, WI. One of the only waterfalls in Wisconsin that gives you the option to walk behind/underneath it. [46.834185N 91.12056W]

Strong Falls. A 20-foot drop within the Peshtigo River, located in Marinette, WI. Take a nice walk in Goodman Park to easily stroll up to this waterfall, known as one of the best hidden gems with a most unique history. The area was established in 1936 by the County Board Resolution where CCC Camp Dunbar built a large log shelter with a fireplace in both ends, which still stands to this day. [45.51960N 88.34139W]

LaSalle Falls. A 20-foot drop within the Pine River, located in Florence, WI. This waterfall has about a half mile of rapids that run into the gorge at the bottom. Waterfalls like this that are longer than they are tall are called “slide falls” and this one you can even take a kayak down. [45.8312N 88.29W]

Veteran’s Falls. A 15-foot drop within the Thunder River, located in Crivitz, WI. One of the more easily accessible waterfalls in Wisconsin for hikers of any age. [45.267268N 88.213397W]

Parfrey’s Glen. Located in Merrimac, WI and Wisconsin’s first State Natural Area, created in 1952. The glen is a deep gorge cut through the sandstone of the south flank of the Baraboo Hills, and is the most visited state natural area as a part of Devil’s Lake State Park. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in Parfrey’s Glen. [43.41863N 89.64178W]

Explore more Wisconsin waterfalls here: https://bit.ly/3c2LqUd
and here: https://bit.ly/3fuYuUq
and here: https://bit.ly/3c2LyTH

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