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Norskedalen – Naturally Historic

February 29, 2024

Norskedalen (Which means Norwegian Valley) is situated in the Coulee region of the state. This beautifully preserved open-air museum and nature preserve sits on 400 acres of land. With miles of hiking trails and a breathtaking arboretum with natural springs and streams, Norskedalen is a place of sheer beauty. Tour the visitors center and get a quick history lesson of the Norwegians that settled the area. Walkthrough Bekkum Farmstead and see how people lived back in the late 1800s, or simply enjoy the serenity of a peaceful hike through the grounds of Naturally Historic – Norskedalen.

Follow along as hosts Eric Paulsen and Mariah Haberman explore the Visitor’s Center, Bekkum Farmstead, Paulsen Cabin, Benrud Chapel, and Helga Gundersen Arboretum.

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