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Precision Medicine | Know Your Wisconsin

February 29, 2024

Northern Wisconsin is home to more than just the great outdoors. It’s also home to the Marshfield Clinic Health System, one of the country’s largest population-based genetic research projects. As part of this project, they aim to identify health risks to individual patients before problems have a chance to arise. For example, by using genetic data in their electronic health systems, they can identify people who might be at a higher risk for diseases and then present the patient with preventative or precautionary next steps.

Marshfield Clinic knows the future of healthcare lies in harnessing highly specific research and data to treat the individual and their genetic family for generations to come. This cuts out the ‘trial and error’ process used in traditional medicine and helps doctors and patients find the right treatment paths right off the bat.

Read the article as featured in WCA Magazine [January 2021 edition]: https://indd.adobe.com/view/07cc3800-76c8-4b71-8ea9-1dae9aa41329

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