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The History at the Lake Chippewa Flowage

February 29, 2024

The Chippewa Flowage covers over 15,000 acres and came into being in 1923 after a dam was created on the Chippewa River. For 100 years, this serene lake has provided many successful fishing trips, calm boat days, and peaceful swims. But there’s more to the lake than just the water. John Dettloff, a fishing guide, dives into the Indigenous history of Lake Chippewa Flowage.

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There’s a lot beneath the surface that tells the tale of the people who lived here. Originally, the river caused flooding that destroyed many homesteads of Indigenous peoples. John and his community are trying to preserve the history of the people that lived there before him. By preserving what’s remaining, they are helping keep the focus on the people and the history, while also inviting new people in to make memories at Lake Chippewa Flowage!

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