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Tony and Lesleigh Memmel on Discover Wisconsin’s theme song

February 29, 2024

Meet the Memmels: Come behind-the-scenes with the Discover Wisconsin crew to meet Tony and Lesleigh Memmel. The Memmels wrote and recorded The Good Land, the official theme song for Discover Wisconsin.


This is an anthem –
Yeah, it’s a chorus for the ones
Who don’t see rocks but see the climbing walls,
Who look for more
And never say they’ve seen it all,
Who raise their voices,
The ones who sing this song:

Windows down, let’s take a ride.
Blow my hair back, drive.
Heartland beating, It’s alive.
The Good Land’s great tonight.

A hymn unending –
An ode to interstates and roads,
And those who cannot live without them;
Whose hearts are pumping fuel,
And minds are engines revving.
Raise your voices!
Come on and sing this song:




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