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Touring Small Town Wisconsin: Two Rivers

February 29, 2024

Touring Small Town Wisconsin: Two Rivers

Welcome to Discover Wisconsin’s mini-series Touring Small Town Wisconsin.

Birthplace of the ice cream sundae. America’s only museum dedicated to wood type. Coast Guard shipwrecks. This (and more) is Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

In this episode, join Eric Paulsen on his visit to the city of Two Rivers. WHOA!! What a view! Seeing the two rivers meeting at Lake Michigan right from his sweet suite at Cobblestone Hotel is as stunning as it gets.

Catch the exclusive interview with hotel owner Rick Carey on why Cobblestone leads the movement in turning the town toward Lake Michigan, as one of the only buildings facing the water. A perfect location to embrace more of the important elements people look for when they travel and where they stay, right in the heart of local food, unique attractions and events, and all easy to walk to. With big city quality, and small town values, it’s no wonder the best getaways begin at Cobblestone – the official hotel chain partner of Discover Wisconsin. http://www.staycobblestone.com

Time to hit the town!

Take a step back in time at Rogers Street Fishing Village & Museum for a tour of when Two Rivers was a major French fishing port. Tours are available year-round. See shipwrecks, Native American artifacts, a 1936 wooden fishing tug, and a 1886 historic lighthouse for yourself at http://www.rogersstreet.com

Taste another piece of history at the Historic Washington House, where the old-time saloon features Berners’ Ice Cream Parlor, commemorating the 1880’s invention of the ice cream sundae. https://bit.ly/3mxA7tb

On to the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum to get a personalized tour from Dennis Ewert, who knows everything there is to know about printing, and why capital letters are called UPPER CASE. A tour filled with a fascinating wide range of printing presses and the wood type blocks that made headlines across the country. http://www.woodtype.org

After a full day of sight-seeing, Eric dines at Kurtz’s Pub and Deli, a beautiful German restaurant that makes amazing sandwiches and has a rare and wonderful collection of imported beers. How do you drink a yard? According to Eric, lift up, lift out and enjoy! https://bit.ly/3ysGUqJ

The weekend isn’t over yet!

Wisconsin’s sandiest beaches and beautiful lakeside hiking trails await at Point Beach State Forest. The sand dunes and Rawley Point Lighthouse, which has been around since 1894, makes it an absolutely beautiful morning hike.

Wrapping up the weekend at the coolest store on the lakeshore, famous kite shop Unique Flying Objects. Owner Chow Chong talks about Two River’s Annual Kite Festival which draws over 25,000 people to enjoy the breezy beaches. With a store like this, who needs a Pink Floyd concert? http://www.uniqueflyingobjects.com

No doubt, Two Rivers is one of the most charming small towns in Wisconsin. Love your small town? We’d love to hear more in the COMMENTS BELOW.

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