Why You Need to Check The Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy Release Party Off Your Wisconsin Bucket List

Kortnee Hass

February 7, 2022

If you haven’t made a trip to the Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls just yet, now is the time! This February, the Leinie Lodge is kicking off the return of a Wisconsin-favorite beer with the 2022 Summer Shandy Release Party and it’s one party that will give you major FOMO if it’s not on your list! From live music, to the first tapping of Summer Shandy, Leinie Lodge is the place to be on February 25th. Keep reading to get all the details on how you can make the best out of the 2022 release party!

What is a Shandy?

Photo Credit: Summer Shandy // @leinielodge via Instagram

Before we get into the details of the 2022 Summer Shandy Release Party, you may be asking ‘What is a shandy and what makes it so special?’. We have all the insider’s details for you!
Franz Kugler first introduced the shandy in Munich, Germany in 1922. A little back story behind the creation is that Franz’s tavern was full of cyclists after a hard race that had taken place. He had so many patrons that in order to not run out, he had to mix the beer with lemonade and soda! 
Turns out, this inspired the Leinenkugels to then combine their Weiss beer with lemonade to create the beloved Summer Shandy. Summer Shandy first launched in 2007 and quickly grew to a nationwide favorite across the United States. Since then the love for this shandy has only grown to beer, wine and seltzer lovers across the nation! Now, let’s dive into the fun… the 2022 Summer Shandy Release party!

Summer Shandy Release Party: The Details

Photo Credit: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy // @leinielodge via Instagram

This year, the Summer Shandy Release party will be held at Leinie Lodge on February 25th from 5-8pm. Be there for the official tap of Summer Shandy and get a fresh taste right on sight! While at the party, there will be live music, fun giveaways, and…lots of beer! Doesn’t get much better than that.
All for $15 you can be there for this grand party and get 3 pints of beer while you’re at it. Best part? Wear your branded Summer Shandy tee’s, hats, and shorts to be entered in a drawing to win beer for a YEAR! Yes, we said that… Beer for a year! 
While you can get in at the door, we suggest you grab them online to secure your spot! Can’t make it to this fun-filled event? Leinie Lodge hosts a multitude of fun events year-round and has delicious seasonal-brews all throughout the year to keep your tastebuds excited. Keep reading to learn more!

Other Ways to Enjoy Leinie Lodge

Photo Credit: Leinie Lodge // @leinielodge via Instagram

If you can’t make it to the Summer Shandy release, don’t worry because there are plenty of other fabulous events spread throughout the year worth making the visit! Next on your list will have to be the Summer Kickoff where you can celebrate with 3,000-6,000 Leinenkugel friends and a cold beer in hand. 
We can’t talk about the events at Leinie Lodge throughout the year without mentioning the annual September Oktoberfest celebration! Every fall, you can head over to Leinie Lodge to get an Oktoberfest experience like no other. Live music, German food trucks, stein holding, and more! Oh…and another chance to win free beer for a year! 
Fun-filled events happen year-round at Leinie Lodge, but if you can’t make it to one of those you can always visit the Lodge at your leisure and make your own fun! Sit back and enjoy a cold pint of beer, or get a 6-beer flight to get a taste of all of your favorites. While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled because there are new releases all of the time and you definitely will want to try those when stopping in! 
Lastly, don’t leave Leinie Lodge without exploring the shopping portion of the brewery. From a classic Leinenkugel’s tee, to specialty hats and mugs, you’ll definitely find a keepsake you need to bring home with you each time you visit!

So, are you getting your plans set to head out the 2022 Summer Shandy Release Party yet? This is one party you won’t want to miss and that should definitely be included on your Wisconsin bucket list! If you can’t make it, learn about other Leinie Lodge fun here: Leinie.com/tours
Kortnee Hass: Social Media Coordinator for Discover Mediaworks. A Wisconsin ‘now & forever’ transplant with a soft spot for squeaky cheese curds, craft breweries, and all things Wisconsin tourism.

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