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May 24, 2017

Juan Quezada achieved the American dream right here in America’s Dairyland.

Quezada grew up in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, before immigrating to the U.S. and joining Milk Source in the early 90’s. Milk Source is a multi-generational farm that operates dairies, animal-care facilities and cropland in Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas with their company headquartered in Kaukauna. The video highlights Quezada’s rise to director of safety, recruiting and training. Quezada now travels around the world to give presentations about safety on dairy farms.
“Juan Quezada is a highly regarded safety and training director in our business. Over the years he’s grown along with our farm and now he’s in charge of training and safety for 550 people on multiple sites in multiple states,” saidJim Ostrum co-founder of Milk Source. “His enthusiasm and passion for what he does is infectious.”
“I believe the point of life is to help each other,” said Quezada. “This is what it’s all about in America’s Dairyland.”

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