An Agro-Tourism Adventure Through Jefferson County

Hailey Rose

July 3, 2023

Photo Credit: Jelli’s Market via Facebook

Ready for some fun on the farm? You’ve come to the right place–none other than Jefferson County. Jefferson County, tucked in the Southeastern corner of the state, is scattered with amazing agro-tourism gems that promote the importance of agriculture in Wisconsin while offering endless farm-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy. Come along as we go on an agro-tourism adventure to Jelli’s Market, Busy Barns Adventure Farm, and Bypass Farm only in Jefferson County. 

Jelli’s Market

Photo Credit: Jelli’s Market via Facebook

Home to Helenville, Wisconsin, Jelli’s Market of Jefferson County takes pride in their family farm’s authentic agriculture and array of activities, which both educate and entertain visitors. In spring, summer and fall, the farm overflows with new life from flowers and fruits to pumpkins and produce. Open May through October, stop by to taste farm-fresh foods and have bundles of fun exploring the family farm!

On site, Jelli’s Market has many exciting features to explore including the Greenhouse, Farm Store and endless produce fields up for picking! At the Greenhouse, you’ll be in awe of the luscious greenery including vegetable and herb plants, petunia plants, annual flowers and magnificent hanging baskets–all of which you can purchase as a beautiful souvenir. 

While at the Farm Store, indulge in the family’s secret recipes found fresh in the bakery. Jelli’s Market is known for their homemade sweets such as donuts, pies, jams and cookies. Trust us, you’ll love every last crumb. From sweet to savory, Jelli’s Market produces their own superior selection of marvelous meats like angus beef, pork, lamb, and chicken in numerous varieties. 

Besides the mouth-watering foods, Jelli’s Market has plenty of fun waiting to pick fresh from the many produce fields that seasonally grow strawberries, apples, asparagus, and even pumpkins during the fall. Hop aboard a group tour perfect for all ages! Amidst the summer season, sign up for the Summer Strawberry Tour and Blueberry & Raspberry Tour. 

As fall begins, take the Vegetable Garden Tour and of course, the Fall Fun Tour. Fun is in the name…Visitors not only get to learn about the production process, but get to meet friendly farm animals and participate in awesome activities. Food and fun times are waiting for you at Jelli’s Market!

Busy Barns Adventure Farm

Photo Credit: Busy Barns Adventure Farm via Facebook

Up next on our agro-tourism adventure, we are headed to Busy Barns Adventure Farm located in Fort Atkinson–the heart of Jefferson County. Busy Barns will certainly keep you busy with an abundance of activities, whether you’re visiting for a special occasion or seeking a fun farm experience to enjoy with your friends and family.

Can’t get enough cuteness from barnyard babies? There are always animals waiting to be met at Busy Barns Adventure Farm’s clean and charming petting zoo. With a variety of animals from goats to pigs, you’ll make many new furry friends during your visit, especially with our mix of their favorite animal feed in your hands. 

From feeding the animals to family fun, Busy Barns Adventure Farm is the place to be, even more so during the fall! Throughout September and October, make precious memories with those you love most at Sunflower Days. The immaculate sunflowers surely steal the show, but make for an incredible backdrop as you document your eventful experience. It wouldn’t feel like fall if there weren’t pumpkins… Start a new tradition of picking your own pumpkins from Busy Barns’ Pumpkin Patch.

But the traditions don’t stop there, they’re just beginning as you discover Acres of Ag-Ventures! Holding over 40 interactive activities, Busy Barns Adventure Farm ensures endless opportunities to learn and fall in love with farm life. 

Bypass Farm

Photo Credit: Bypass Farm via Facebook

Last but certainly not least, Bypass Farm of Watertown is a must-add to your agro-tourism adventure in Jefferson County. As every season brings its own natural beauty, Bypass Farm captures the charm of each change. Bypass Farm features it all from fragrant flowers and vegetable plants of the spring and summer to pumpkins and cornstalks iconic to fall. 

April showers truly do bring May flowers, especially in Bypass Farm’s beautiful Greenhouse. Open during the prime spring and summer seasons from April to June, Bypass Farm encourages visitors to take an up-close look at their buds and blooms, which include annual flowers, picturesque perennials, and cute shrubs. The best part? You can buy and bring a piece of the farm home with you.

As scenic as the spring and summer may be, it’s hard to beat the fall fun at Bypass Farm. During the month of October, the farm joins up with the Hubbleton Hustlers 4-H Club to put on an amazing community centered event holding horse-drawn wagon rides, fantastic foods, fall decor, and even a small animal petting zoo. You won’t want to miss this.

You may think that when the cold, wintery weather comes, the farm goes into hibernation. Think again! Bypass Farm captures the magic of the holiday season by not only inviting local vendors to showcase their gift-worthy crafts, but also offering wreaths, trees and more at their extra special December event.

Year round, The Coop, located on Bypass Farm, offers up a taste of authentic Wisconsin agriculture from seasonal selections of farm-fresh products. Choose from delicious, local honey and syrups to farm-fresh eggs and meat chickens. Find all your favorites at Bypass Farm.

Jefferson County is undoubtedly a hub of remarkable agro-tourism hotspots that each work to teach visitors about Wisconsin’s agriculture in fun, interactive ways from tasting fresh farm foods to playing with barnyard pals. There are many more to explore! Take your friends and family and see all of Jefferson County’s amazing agro-tourism sites. 

For a sneak peek at another epic Jefferson County agro-tourism adventure, watch this Discover Wisconsin original short ‘Ebert’s Greenhouse Village: The History and People’ here:

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